Posted 17 ноября 2022,, 20:32

Published 17 ноября 2022,, 20:32

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Igor Rybakov: “Those who now buy bitcoin and NFT are not investors, but suckers”

Igor Rybakov: “Those who now buy bitcoin and NFT are not investors, but suckers”

17 ноября 2022, 20:32
“Do not try to buy bitcoin and NFT”, - says Igor Rybakov. The entrepreneur urges Russians not to invest in these areas, which he spoke about on his YouTube channel.

“Now there is not just a crisis going on in the world, but the most powerful crisis in the last 100 years.

The Great Depression, which was at the beginning of the last century, is “cat's tears”.

At such moments, you can not use financial instruments unknown to you.

For example, there is a collapse in the bitcoin market, bitcoin has collapsed, there are thousands of messages in the media and from crypto enthusiasts that the time has come to buy bitcoin: they didn’t have time then, now, they say, is the time.

So: attention, do not try to do this!

Large investors today sit quietly, do not buy more, but, on the contrary, pay bloggers, crypto bloggers and crypto enthusiasts to spread information that it is time to buy bitcoin.

Why do you think?

So that new physicists with real money come to this market and buy them. And they just sell.

Bitcoin came ...***. Quite simply, the suckers in the world have not diminished, but the money of the suckers has diminished.

As a result, the crypto bubble begins to slow down and deflate. Therefore, do not think now, at the end of this crypto bubble, on the eve of the crypto winter, to become one of the loser investors.

Those who buy bitcoin are not investors - they are suckers.

It is very interesting to see how people from bitcoin are now transferring people to NFTs. Well, you know, yes, the era of bitcoin is over, but now there is NFT, and the NFT economy.

I'll tell you: this is another entertainment for suckers. No matter what the sucker is entertained, the main thing is that he reports money. Therefore, guys who are offered to buy some kind of NFT there, an NFT token, and so on... You don’t need to go there, keep your money for yourself.

It's time to act. If you haven’t merged your money into some bitcoins, somewhere into crap, you haven’t bought some stupid apartments, because “Moscow real estate is always valuable”, then you still have cash.

Attention: now a lot of people are selling their businesses at a discount, a lot of foreign companies are leaving Russia and are also selling companies at a discount. This is an opportunity for those who have cash to enter the business with a discount of 20%, 30%, 50%; sometimes three times the discount. Just please keep in mind that this window will close soon, because these exits from Russia, they are also in a panic. This window will last until sometime in mid-2023.

Today, every ruble or every dollar, whatever you like, invested in Russia will bring on the horizon of the next 15 years, X10.

Russia is now a very interesting place for investment. Many foreign companies, in contrast, are already buying up assets in Russia.

What am I personally doing in this turbulence, in this crisis? In addition to recording releases for YouTube, I buy foreign companies at a discount.

Several companies have already managed to capture, so to speak. It's to capture. After all, when I buy a normal company with a 2-3 times discount, which has the coolest business, the coolest technologies, the coolest team, I think this is a very big success.

I myself would not enter this business - “A”; "B" - even if I entered, it would take me 15 years to reach this level. And so I do it for three months of participation in the tender. And for quite modest money.

Therefore, I have been buying, buying and will buy companies that are sold at a discount on the market today.

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