Posted 17 ноября 2022,, 07:08

Published 17 ноября 2022,, 07:08

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Trump is on his way to save America. Why did the politician decide to run for president again?

17 ноября 2022, 07:08
In his televised address, Trump said that only he can save his country and bring the American people peace, prosperity, happiness, security and respect in the world.

Victor Pomerantsev

Donald Trump has just gone on television announcing his official candidacy for President of the United States in the 2024 election. This announcement is an attempt to achieve two very important goals:

  1. unite the party under his leadership and at the same time "clear the field" from other candidates by turning himself into an early favorite of the race.
  2. interfere with the judicial investigations that are being conducted against him in order to be able to say that these investigations are politically motivated and have no strong legal basis. Say, they are conducted only in order to interfere with his election campaign. And now there are at least 5 such investigations: two federal investigations and three at the state level (two in New York and one in Georgia).

The speech consisted of hackneyed false clichés about the allegedly outstanding successes of the Trump administration (2016-2020) and the terrible mistakes, miscalculations, incompetence and corruption of the “radical left Democrats” under the leadership of Biden, who allegedly suffers from senile dementia.

The tone of the speech was not just self-confident, it clearly showed messianic notes. We must pay tribute to the oratory of the Republican candidate. Unlike the Democrats, he did not list small and boring topics for many (abortion, gun control laws, health care, education, environmental protection, etc.)

Instead, he spoke in general terms about conservative values and a strategic vision for the future. He tried to portray himself as the all-powerful savior of a country that supposedly lost prestige in the world and was mired in all sorts of troubles and problems.

In his speech, Trump emphasized the contrast between him and the Democrats. What misfortunes allegedly did not happen in his absence: the invasion of immigrants, and the explosive growth of crime, and the explosive growth of inflation, and the explosive growth of drug trafficking ...

In short, if Trump is to be believed, the country is now in full swing and only he can save it and bring the American people peace, prosperity, happiness, security and respect in the world.

Trump also mentioned Ukraine, saying that “if he were the president now, Putin would not dare to attack it ...”

In other words, the speech was completely delusional and full of disinformation. But like-minded people who listened to him perceived every word with great enthusiasm and applause.