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Published 18 ноября 2022,, 12:33

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Personal "seal of God". The mystery of the formation of papillary lines on the fingers is revealed

18 ноября 2022, 12:33
Papillary lines in humans, as well as in all animals with a highly developed nervous system, are formed according to the law of nature common to all on Earth.

Vladimir Garmatyuk

Thinkers of all times and peoples thought about the nature of the appearance of papillary lines on the palms of a person, the complexity of their pattern: Hippocrates, Aristotle, Avicenna, Paracelsus, Newton, all scientists and non-scientists, noble and ordinary people, all seeking and thinking minds.

Hundreds of candidate and doctoral dissertations have been defended on this topic all over the world, a large amount of analytical material has been collected, but no one has yet found an answer to the question of how and why papillary lines are formed.

How many millennia has humanity existed for the same amount of time, the materially interested mind, looking at the pattern of papillary lines on the palms, solved the problem - what is the practical use or functional purpose of the lines? As soon as the question was formulated in such a consumer way (in the world there can only be something that is profitable or profitable), the field of knowledge of the researchers immediately narrowed to predetermined boundaries of “usefulness”.

In this case, it would be appropriate to ask, what is the functional benefit to nature or man from waves on the water? - Of course, none.

When asked about the reason for the origin of papillary lines and patterns, modern scientists offer two “useful” and mutually non-exclusive versions of the answers:

- lines, arranged in rows, help us to hold smooth objects;

- "Combs" on the skin give increased sensitivity to touch.

There is no reason to object that it is more convenient to hold on to a smooth tram rail. But in nature, where a person was born, smooth objects have not been created for the purpose of holding them comfortably. Papillary lines, however, are! And not only on the hands of tram passengers, but also on the soles of their feet, as well as in monkeys, whose brain is considered the most developed among animals.

As for another version of increasing the sensitivity of touch, people of a practical mindset, far from scientific attempts (specialists in opening safes without keys, card scammers, etc. "magicians") know for sure that to increase the sensitivity of fingers, "combs" on the skin interfere , and therefore they must be completely ground down to the most nerve receptors, to the papillary layer of the skin (Latin papillae - papillae) .

If you pose questions narrowly, limiting the answer to the usefulness of the surrounding world, then it will never be possible to understand anything.

Not nature came to bow to humanity, but man got used to the physical laws of nature

It would be correct to assume that all rational wildlife, including humans, adapt to the conditions of the external world and comply with its laws.

Opinion is not an argument.

We need observation, examples, analysis, reflection.

“What is comprehended with the help of reflection and reasoning is obvious, and there is an eternally identical being; but what is subject to opinion ... arises and perishes, but never really exists. (IV century BC Plato).

What does science know about papillary lines today?

First of all, without repeating all the available observations, but only summarizing them for further analysis, let us briefly highlight what is known today.

Each person has an individual pattern of papillary lines.

At the same time, three main types of drawings were distinguished : arcs, loops, curls (and 39 subspecies derived from them). The distribution was investigated and the grouping of the imprints of the lines was made according to: racial, territorial, national, sexual characteristics. Scientists from medicine compared the similarity of patterns in terms of susceptibility to various diseases. For example, by the slope of the curls, they tried to establish the existence of a connection with the height of a person, and so on ...

It was concluded that fingerprints (to some extent) can be used to compile a psychological characteristic of a person and more.

However, all the numerous statistical observations carried out (of course, interesting) did not bring researchers any closer to unraveling the nature of the appearance of the lines themselves. Statistics collects, lists, but does not reveal the secrets of how the world works and according to what laws the world exists.

Other researchers tried to establish the nature of the origin of lines through the "fashionable" direction in modern science - the study of genes. They found that the patterns in humans have some connection with heredity. But how the genes cause the appearance of the papillary lines themselves and how they affect the pattern, none of the modern genetic scientists understand.

Yes, and it is impossible to understand this by genes. The sequence and location of the genes in the DNA chain does not bring closer to unraveling the cause of papillary lines. Moreover, if the pattern of lines is individual for everyone, then genes with their repetitive "copy" feature of genetic heredity, on the contrary, exclude the existing fact of the individuality of prints. That is, this path also leads nowhere.

The dead-end "scientific" areas that are now being studied by specialists from many countries to no avail are outlined above. Here, in this area of research today, there is a boundary in their scientific knowledge.

Truth is revealed if you pose a question without limiting it in advance to the scope of the intended answer. Guided by this rule, we will try to find the answer.

Let's look at the solution of the problem from the other side

It often happens that a researcher painstakingly digs, gets into the microcosm, gets bogged down in details and, passing by, does not see what is left "behind his back" - he does not see a complete picture of the world and existing connections.

Nature with its secrets is similar to children's cubes scattered in the room in all corners, while we collect them, pick up the edges, add them up and gradually open an unknown picture. Just as accurately, by collecting knowledge scattered throughout nature, examples of manifestations, adding them into one whole, one can understand the secrets of the universe hidden by nature. When the number of collected "cubes" (scattered knowledge) becomes sufficient, then an unknown secret is revealed.

"It has often happened in physics that significant success has been achieved by drawing a consistent analogy between apparently unrelated phenomena." ( Albert Einstein).

So, let's start adding all known knowledge into one "drawing"

The first mention of ancient observers of lines is found in the Old Testament.

Four thousand years ago in the book of Job (37 : 7) it was said: "He puts a seal on the hand of every person, so that all people would know His work."

You, smiling, ask, well, what can you take from these words?))

Well, firstly, any seal is put with the application of effort, some energy.

Secondly, if this is a “seal”, then it will be repeated equally for everyone.

And thirdly, if this is “His work”, then we are talking about the Law of nature.

These words mean that in nature there is a force and some permanent influence that forms papillary lines.

We also note here that all events and manifestations in nature have a causal relationship.

Let us take into account an important sign of the exceptional individuality of the papillary pattern. Any individuality develops where there is freedom and where there is room for personal manifestation. It follows that the individual pattern of papillary lines is not due to parental genetic heredity.

Genes predetermine the presence in the skin of all types of nerve endings that a person uses in his life. Genes establish the location of the nerve endings at the points of contact of the body with the outside world (on the feet, palms, fingertips). But genes do not indicate to millions of nerve receptors, each of them individually, a specific point of their location.

The number of nerve endings of different types and their specific place (location point) in the skin is individual for everyone!

Nevertheless (due to some similarity in the type of pattern of papillary lines in the closest relatives), we ask ourselves the question - is there any participation of parental genes in the occurrence of papillary lines?

The general need for the body in different types of nerve receptors and their general location in places of contact with nature is genetically laid down by the parents. Different people from birth have more of some nerve receptors, some less, which is also determined by heredity. Therefore, for example, in close relatives, there is some similarity in the types of papillary patterns, which comes from the relationship of the nervous system, from the predominant number and types of nerve receptors (hence the nature and genetic predisposition to certain diseases).

But the individuality of the general pattern of lines (due to the individual totality of the distribution of millions of nerve endings) remains different for everyone. And ultimately, genes do not affect the formation of the relief of papillary lines.

The formation of papillary lines makes the law of nature

- Which one then?

In the human skin (especially in the number of many times prevailing on the fingertips, on the palms, on the soles of the feet), six types of different nerve endings are concentrated (See Fig. 3 of the transverse section of the skin).

Nerve endings are literally electromagnetic sensors of the nervous system for tracking the body's external environment. Their size ranges from 1 to just over 100 microns.

Nerve endings constantly (!) transmit tactile (tactile), temperature, pain - sensory information to the brain for analysis. The pads of the fingers and palms are always in this connection in an active state, which is called "energized".

Some people, turning their palms towards each other, feel some “movement” between them, as if some invisible energy wave has rolled over, some kind of viscous resistance (similar to how a magnet with its field at a distance affects small metal objects, moving them).

This material energy field of elastic, relatively dense, thinly rarefied matter is called a "biofield", which some "scientists" still do not recognize. Science has seen and tried to study the action of a magnetic biofield for hundreds of years, for example, one of its properties is the ability to transmit information in a state of hypnosis. Or a very rare phenomenon - the movement of light objects (on the example of Ninel Kulagina's biofield from Leningrad in the 70-80s of the XX century). Science tried to study the biofield and its properties, but due to weakness, not understanding the laws of its action, it was defeated. And having suffered a defeat and not wanting to admit that she was defeated, in revenge she refused to accept his existence. I see, I feel - I don’t know how, and therefore I don’t believe and don’t accept it.)) But the biofield exists regardless of the faith of the “scientists”. Albert Einstein put it this way: “The only thing that hinders my learning is my education.”

Based on the assessment of the state of the human biofield, devices have already been created (many have seen and used them), which fix and on the computer monitor show a scattered, individual “ruffy” glow of the field from the fingertips and palms. Specialists make computer processing of this information and use it to make a diagnosis of the health of individual organs and the whole organism.

Nerve endings on the fingertips, on the palms, on the feet - generate an energy electromagnetic layer above the skin surface, scattered matter (the smallest particles of our biological field). From the school course of physics it is known that the magnetic field is added. In this case, the material field from millions of nerve endings is formed and forms a constant, stable electromagnetic "cloud" individual in shape for each person.

Nerve receptors located under the skin (of the palms, feet, fingertips) generate charged particles under internal tension, which, when folded, create volumetric areas of a constant, energy field (biofield) that are individual in shape (like clouds in the sky). Approximately the same as around the Earth there is a ("thin" in comparison with the size of the planet) material atmospheric layer with all its properties and manifestations.

We note here that the human body is “liquid”, it consists of 80% water.

In addition, as shown above (in Figures 2 and 3), the skin layer is permeated with numerous blood capillaries, lymphatic vessels, sweat glands, that is, it is watery not only at the molecular level, but also in structure.

Particles of the material electrically charged biological field from our nerve receptors, concentrated above the surface of the fingertips, palms and the water in the skin that is in contact with it, interact with each other.

The external air-water environment of the Earth and the electromagnetic field of the planet, like the wind in the sea, bring the human biofield into perturbed oscillatory motion (in particular, from his hands), and the field, in turn, acts on water molecules in the skin.

Have you ever gone into shallow water (in the sea, lake) to observe and feel small waves of sand under your feet? Have you ever wondered why they form?

The wind accelerates the waves on the water, which, in turn, act on hard grains of sand and create a wave sandy bottom relief from them. Look at them, do they remind you of anything?

The particles of our biofield, oscillating from the impact of an external energetically charged electromagnetic environment, act on water molecules in the skin, and that acts on the hard "grains" of the skin.

How waves are formed in the sea, dunes in the desert, hummocks of snow in the field - in the same way, for the same reason, a wave relief is formed from papillary waves on the surface of the skin.

The action of charged particles of our energy field, interacting with the Earth's magnetic field and with an electrically charged air-water environment, forms a wavy scallop relief on the contact surface of the skin, laid in the form of papillary lines (waves).

In this way, according to the physical law of the formation of all waves common to the earthly nature, the law of the addition and action of magnetic (biological) fields, an individual wave papillary pattern is formed.

The above process of formation of papillary lines, in other words "papillary waves", is confirmed by other observations.

It is known that already in the first months of a person's life (while still in the watery womb, that is, under the influence of water), individual prints of the papillary pattern of the skin of the palms are laid.

It is also noteworthy that this event occurs simultaneously with the onset of the emergence of the nervous system and nerve receptors in the embryo. That is, since the formation of the brain and nerve endings, “clouds” of energy biofield particles, stable in form, form above the surface: the fingertips, the plane of the palms, and the soles of the feet.

It is noted that in active men, the curlic and circular types of lines are more common. They have a stronger energy impulse coming from their nerve receptors (from the brain), and the biological field of their charged particles “boils” more (like a water flow with whirlpools in a stormy mountain river). The particles of the field from the nerve receptors are composed and, under the influence of the external environment, project “active figures” onto the fingertips - circles, steep loops and curls.

According to statistical observations in women, on the contrary - a smooth, arched pattern. It occurs (on average 30%) more often than in men. Women (on average) are also calmer and softer in character than men.

In case of damage or even complete destruction of the outer layer of the skin (epidermis), if the layer of nerve endings is not destroyed, the papillary patterns on the new skin are completely restored. Because the nerve impulse and the layer of scattered, charged particles of the energy biofield above the skin does not disappear, but is preserved.

With age, the location of nerve receptors in the skin does not change. Therefore, the pattern of papillary lines (waves) also does not change during life.

When observed under a microscope (Fig. 5), it can be seen that on the crests of papillary waves, sweat glands are arranged in order and arranged in rows. Water from sweat glands (“wells”), as well as molecular water, is affected by waves.

If the nerve endings are damaged or their work is somehow paralyzed (so that they no longer generate an electromagnetic biofield, so that they do not create a perturbed electromagnetic environment), for example, with deep injuries, then in this case the papillary wave relief on the skin will also disappear.

All of the above indicates a causal relationship between the formation of papillary lines from the interaction of particles of the energy biofield of nerve receptors with the watery base of skin particles (solid "grains of sand" - microchemical elements of the body).

Why is there no wave papillary relief on other parts of the body?

Yes, because there is no huge accumulation of nerve receptors (as on the palms), and accordingly there is no forming layer of particles of the energy biofield, there is no sufficient “grinding” density for an energetic impact on liquid water particles in the skin.

One can give another clear example of the impact of one's own energy biofield on a person. Look at yourself (behind) in the mirror - each person has hair growing on the top of his head, as if unwinding in a spiral (some people have two spirals).

Each hair at its beginning has a nerve ending (a small charged particle), which is subject to the vortex effect of the biofield rotating above our head. The hair on the top of the head is located along the magnetic lines of force of our biofield. “It is also an example and manifestation of his action.

Therefore, according to the law of nature, the “house” near the shell is twisted in a spiral and the trunks of pine trees are twisted like “drills” (in swamps and in damp watery places).

In nature, one can also see the above law, explain other cases of manifestation of the interaction of field particles and a plastic contact medium.

The influence of the energy of the Earth's magnetic field, plus the surrounding air and water environment from the mass of charged particles on a person, creates a constantly operating electromagnetic vortex of particles of his biofield.

In turn, the perturbed dense biofield sets in motion particles of body water on the palms in a constant oscillatory movement, which, with their oncoming waves, lays the skin surface in wave rows (into papillary lines).

When it is possible to visually observe the biofields, then the process of formation of papillary lines will be clearly evident.

In the absence of any other explanation, the above can be called the discovery of the mystery of papillary lines and the individuality of their pattern in humans.

But what does it give a person today? “Probably nothing yet.

Papillary waves (lines) on the palms for people have the same meaning as waves on the water. But, here, further study of the biofield, its capabilities in the direction of information transfer (one of its manifestations is in the form of hypnosis) promises many important continuations.

For example, by analogy with the narrative from the books of the Bible about the ability of Jesus to heal diseases from the instant transmission of healing information ...

After all, what was previously a fairy tale for people, after scientific discoveries, becomes an embodiment - and we see this in many examples of modern technology.

The mystery of the appearance of papillary lines on the palms, which from the beginning of the creation of man stood before his eyes - I believe it has been solved.

The personal “seal of God” is the seal of the action of the physical Law of the universe, manifested on the human body.

Another step has been taken towards understanding the nature of the action of energy on the surrounding world and, in general, on the process of the emergence and development of life on Earth.

The subsequent development in the direction of the study of the energy biofield will make it possible to advance in the knowledge of the laws of the physical World.

This material was published in full in the November issue of the Energia magazine, published by the Nauka publishing house under the auspices of the Academy of Sciences of the Russian Federation.