Posted 18 ноября 2022,, 11:15

Published 18 ноября 2022,, 11:15

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Put up with arbitrariness: how Russians tolerate “shame boards” with the data of debtors for housing and communal services

Put up with arbitrariness: how Russians tolerate “shame boards” with the data of debtors for housing and communal services

18 ноября 2022, 11:15
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Instead of suing for violation of the law on the protection of personal data and compensation for non-pecuniary damage, citizens of the country prefer to complain about the arbitrariness of officials to each other.

Ivan Zubov

One of the main - if not the main - lessons of the 30-year existence of Russia is that a rule of law state has not appeared in our country, and its rudiments are disappearing before our eyes. What are only the intentions of the authorities to publish the personal data of Russians recognized as foreign agents. And there is no question of the rules for holding protest actions - complete lack of rights has long reigned there. But if these examples can still be classified as political, and explained by the authorities' fear of any manifestations of opposition, then how can one explain the lack of rights in everyday life? For example, when management companies post names of debtors on utility bills on the “board of shame”? By what right do they do it? This question was asked by the Moscow teacher Mikhail P., when he saw his name on such a board, and it appeared there erroneously:

“These lists at the entrance always made me feel disgusted. Sometimes I could not stand it - and tore them off, but they appeared again. This "scoop" in its worst incarnation reminds me of how in kindergarten nannies ripped off my classmates' underpants and exposed crying babies to the amusement and intimidation of others.

What is now the second month in a row to see now among the list of "debtors" and our apartment! And last month, the wife sent them all the payments - and at the same time threatened the court for the publication of personal information (and even false ones) ... It didn’t work ... Moreover, they put a formidable piece of paper in the mailbox “Claim! Urgently pay utility bills! with a drawing of three dirty old women: "Don't let them discuss you!")

I understand that against the background of everything else that is happening to us, this is all such nonsense! But the reasons for all this, I am convinced, are common. And the essence is the same: to make any person defenseless against the arbitrariness of impersonal power, to destroy the remnants of legality and simple rules of decency - because someone does not have faith in them and does not feel the need for them ... "

The worse life is, the more "laws of the jungle" in it

From the comments on this post, it became clear that one way or another, but many are faced with a similar situation:

- About 10-12 years ago, I received a debt bill for housing and communal services by mail - a pink one. Then I paid for everything through the window in Sberbank. What kind of eyes the cashier had when she saw the amount - 2 kopecks. Two! Pennies! No, not a ruble!! Ko Pei Ki! Separate! Dolgov! Count! The cashier did not believe her eyes for a long time, she said that the paper on which the invoice was printed is more expensive than the amount payable!

- This summer, in the general chat of the temporary kindergarten group (ours was under repair), I was surprised to find myself on the list of debtor parents, despite the fact that at that moment I had an overpayment. Then everything turned out, but how much I had listened to before ... It was real extortion, I could hardly resist the threats from the police, until I realized that I was talking to a person who was already roofless from overload with permanent work in an organization that, apparently , in a desperate financial situation. I do not think that there is any conscious goal, just the worse the conditions, the more the laws of the jungle.

- We owe the very fact of our existence. Original debt for housing and communal services!

Why not sue?

But here's what's interesting: lack of rights in Russia gives rise to apathy and complete disregard for reciprocal legal actions. Why not file a complaint with the police or - even better - in court ?! But no, such measures are taken in a civilized Western society, but they look completely wild for our compatriots.

- Certificates of payment (there are dates there) + this announcement + a complaint to the court for libel - that's what I would advise. In our decaying West, this is an instant appeal to the police (at least on three points), filing claims with the management company, a court, a sentence and compensation to residents for losses - for public slander, violation of the law on the protection of personal data, creating a dangerous situation - incl. for minor children, infliction of non-pecuniary damage - with apologies. I think 10 years rent would be enough. And the management company would be shaken with all sorts of checks until they were blue in the face...