Posted 21 ноября 2022,, 11:41

Published 21 ноября 2022,, 11:41

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A modern country is not only boots and guns, but technology and people

21 ноября 2022, 11:41
Александр Горный
Fearing for their future, many young people left the country this fall, usually with higher, good education, good competencies needed by our economy

Alexander Gorny, publicist

What awaits Russia in the next year/s?

This question is of concern to many now, but there is an answer to this, at least the contours of this future are visible to the educated and thinking part of the population. The rest also guess, but now it is beneficial to be a loud, silicone patriot, who does not produce anything, but shouts loudly.

You can tear your throat for a long time, knock on the drum of patriotism, but the situation in the country is qualitatively very bad. I rejoice when patriotic centers for youth are opened, but I would be even happier if new universities, technical schools and vocational schools were opened, where they really taught, and did not read out primitive nonsense that many graduates will not need. In recent days, I talked with the "old professors" and their grades for current applicants are very low. Not only the level of training is weak, but also the motivation to study well is weak, and it is recognized that the teaching staff, applied opportunities are very low, with the exception of a few universities. You can open a bunch of new buildings, launder billions in their repair, but who will teach students? No one. Those with a head, many left for leading European and American universities. It's sad, but that's the reality.

So what kind of breakthroughs and technological independence are we talking about, if science is in the deepest tailspin, and technical disciplines, at the very, if not primitive, then low level. And how could it be otherwise, where the priorities for young people are huckstering and civil service, which do not create any technological, scientific and practical groundwork. There are rare exceptions, but now we often use the achievements of the Soviet school and their limit has already been exhausted.

So, the contours of our near future are very muddy and unoptimistic. It is not known how long the NWO will last, but what will happen after it ends? But this is frightening for many who have left or are preparing to leave Russia, and this is putting it mildly.

It is impossible to measure a tractor driver, a military man, a musician or a professor with one arshin. All professions are needed, but here we are talking not only about the profession, but also about views, the inner world, beliefs, patterns of behavior and much more. And there is no need to compare the current situation with 1941, these are two different situations, two different motivations, two different levels of technological development and models of society. Moreover, when the most successful entrepreneurs are relatives of our officials, and I am sure that there is no need to explain about the corruption component, then the gap with 1941 is simply insurmountable. As I understand it, that is why many people leave, realizing that there will be an abyss and emptiness further. This is their right, their choice, but I was born in Russia and will not leave here.

In the coming months, difficult trials await us, another wave of mobilization is possible, and right now, in December, we should expect a new wave of emigration. You can shout after them - “Yes, you are rolling to hell!”, But what's next? A modern country is not only boots, bayonets and guns, but technologies and people who create them. In September-October, fearing for their future, many young people left, usually with higher, good education, good competencies needed by our economy.

Why did this happen? Who is to blame for having to declare a partial mobilization? The answers are obvious, but no one has asked them yet, but in vain. Everyone should mind their own business, the military should protect, doctors should heal, teachers should teach, builders should build, and so on, but something went wrong.

So I think there is no need to explain what the future holds for us. It is very difficult and so far very unoptimistic. Those who think differently - I'm happy for them, let them think so, but I think so and this is my right.