Posted 21 ноября 2022,, 16:39

Published 21 ноября 2022,, 16:39

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Mortgage for 1%? Experts explain what's wrong

Mortgage for 1%? Experts explain what's wrong

21 ноября 2022, 16:39
Фото: Соцсети
In Moscow, an advertisement for a mortgage of 1% from developers without an increase in the cost of an apartment appeared.

Analysts confirm that such proposals do exist. For example, the A101 group of companies, in partnership with the RSHB Bank, advertises mortgages at 1% for the entire period (up to 30 years) without increasing the price of the lot.

Indeed, everything is so (see the screen), - confirm the experts of the Dvizh pro real estate channel. But the essence of subsidizing does not change. As in any programs under 0.000001%.

The fact is that due to the difference with the base rate, the “lost profits” to the bank are compensated by the developer:

“According to the documents, it turns out that the developer could give the buyer a discount, but instead he “gives” it to the bank, and the client receives a cheap mortgage for the regular price of the apartment.

Also, at Akvilon in the BESIDE residential complex, you can choose: either a discount of up to 20%, or, for example, a 1.5% mortgage for the entire term, but without a discount and practically no rise in price (only + 1% to the price of the lot).

But if you take a mortgage here at 2.99%, then Akvilon will also drop up to 4% of the base price.

As a result, in any case, subsidizing cannot do without a rise in prices. After all, these are direct costs of the developer. Therefore, advertising is advertising, and the buyer has to make a choice - either the apartment is cheaper, or the rate is lower..."