Posted 21 ноября 2022,, 07:44

Published 21 ноября 2022,, 07:44

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"Vedomosti": the State Duma gathered to increase the earnings of vice-speakers and heads of committees

"Vedomosti": the State Duma gathered to increase the earnings of vice-speakers and heads of committees

21 ноября 2022, 07:44
The State Duma is preparing to revise the system of remuneration for high-ranking deputies - vice-speakers of chambers and heads of committees at the expense of savings. Currently, their salary is the same as the deputies receive - an average of about 400 thousand rubles.

According to Vedomosti, citing sources in the lower house of parliament, the speaker Vyacheslav Volodin (pictured) became the initiator. Currently, he remains the only person in the State Duma whose salary differs from that of other parliamentarians. The salary of the chairmen of the State Duma and the Federation Council is equal to the income of the prime minister - 40% higher than the average ministerial salary, and for all other deputies it is equal to the average ministerial salary.

The issue of increased workload for vice-speakers has been discussed for a long time. Another source of the publication indicated that the speaker considers it necessary to “stimulate the work” of deputies and “fairly” raise salaries depending on the position.

- The idea of providing additional salaries for those who hold senior positions in the State Duma - vice-speakers and chairmen of committees - is being discussed. But while there is a discussion about its expediency and how exactly it can be implemented, - said the interlocutor from the apparatus of the chamber.

One of the interlocutors of Vedomosti pointed out that Volodin, during a meeting on November 14, proposed to use the funds saved by the State Duma - 600 million rubles - for payments. From this amount, vice-speakers, heads of committees and "perhaps someone else" will be encouraged. The opportunity to redirect funds within the budget for payments to senators and deputies appeared in July, thanks to an amendment to the law on the status of parliamentarians.

Novye Izvestia is conducting a survey on this topic. So far, the prevailing opinion is that people's deputies should have their salaries lowered.