Posted 22 ноября 2022,, 11:39

Published 22 ноября 2022,, 11:39

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Professor Sergey Savelyev: “What have you done in your life that cockroaches cannot do?”

22 ноября 2022, 11:39
On the YouTube channel of the publishing house "Vedi" a new video by Sergey Savelyev was released. This time, the subject of the monologue of the professor, the author of the theory of cerebral sorting, was the fears that a person is subject to, and ways to deal with them.

“We are biological entities, and we are bound to all die, sooner or later. In terrible writhings or quietly going to sleep in your favorite bed.

However, this is inevitable.

Therefore, in fact, the meaning of existence is to fill this time with such things, such deeds, for which one would not be ashamed. This time. And secondly, it is necessary that most was interesting.

Well, actually. And then a person fights, fights all his life, and then it turns out that all his achievements are described in some section in Tramble's book dedicated to hydroid polyps, that is, freshwater hydra.

Well, you can't have life consisting of eating something - although sometimes it's very tasty - breeding and cheap show off, that is, dominance.

Well, guys, well, at least a little bit you can feel like a man?

The sensations you experience will die with you. Moreover, everyone. Don't worry.

That is, the only thing we can do is to do something human. Something that was not in nature and society, something for which our brain is adapted.

And, in fact, all animals can breed, show off and steal, which is what they do.

In this regard, dear listeners, I must warn you about the problem of fear.

Fear comes in two varieties. The simplest one is children's fear, which is generated by the limbic system, that is, by the complexes of instinctive-hormonal centers for regulating behavior, which, in fact, determine our animal nature: reproduction, dominance, and everything connected with this.

Who lives within this limbic system, of course, does not think about anything.

What for? After all, a set of monkey instincts will already tell you what to do. Well, when you need - to eat, when the opportunity arises - to multiply. And when there are many opportunities - also to show off. Everything is very simple and clear.

The limbic system gives rise to panic fears, which even the super-rich people are prone to.

But in general, the inevitable process of dying, which underlies the human cycle, is nothing terrible. Another thing is when this dying is forced, when people kill people, there are fears of a different kind.

But the question boils down, in fact, to what do you want in life? And then the fears, quite real, begin to fade into the background.

What have you done and what do you want to do in this life, well, besides what hydroid polyps, cockroaches, mice, cats and dogs can do?

What are you doing that is not in nature? And if you start thinking about it, many fears go away.

Why? Because the only thing that remains from a person, except for the products of defecation, and the same stupid descendants, is usually what he did for everyone and usually did not receive anything for it.

That is, when a person begins to think and solves his creative problems, then fears begin to disappear.

Limbic fears are involuntary fears of animal origin.

And fears that are meaningful, let's say, produced in your body by arbitrary consciousness - and this is what the brain is improving all its life for - these are fears of a completely different kind.

And, as a rule, they have nothing to do with simple physiological life.

In other words, if you start using your brain, thinking, and thinking not only about purely monkey problems, but also about human ones, then those fears that worry you like a monkey gradually recede.

Of course, they are being replaced by more systemic fears, but, nevertheless, there are no more panic fears.”

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