Posted 22 ноября 2022, 06:47

Published 22 ноября 2022, 06:47

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Russian oil supplies to Northern Europe have collapsed by 90% since February

22 ноября 2022, 06:47
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Since the beginning of the military special operation of the Russian Federation on the territory of Ukraine, Russian oil supplies to Northern Europe have decreased by 90% - from 1.2 million to 95 thousand barrels per day.

It is reported by Bloomberg. We are talking about the supply of Russian oil through Rotterdam.

Against the background of the situation in Ukraine, Lithuania, France, Germany and Poland completely abandoned Russian oil.

“Three-quarters of the oil loaded in Baltic ports is now heading to Asia”, - Forbes notes.

Basically, it follows China, India and Turkey. Today, India imports 946,000 barrels of oil per day from Russia, which is 22% of all crude oil imports to this country.

It is expected that as part of the next package of anti-Russian sanctions designed to undermine the economic power of the country and force the Russian Federation to end the military operation in Ukraine as soon as possible, the EU countries will introduce a price ceiling for Russian oil. Its size can be named as early as November 23rd. According to preliminary estimates, it could reach $63-64 per barrel. The Russian authorities said they would not supply oil to countries that supported the price embargo.