Posted 22 ноября 2022,, 10:44

Published 22 ноября 2022,, 10:44

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Trump's storm: why Ron DeSantis is dangerous for the US Democratic Party

Trump's storm: why Ron DeSantis is dangerous for the US Democratic Party

22 ноября 2022, 10:44
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Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis is both smarter and more disciplined than his rival in the Republican Party leadership, Donald Trump

As you know, the citizens of Russia have been following political life in America for a long time and with great attention, since they are practically deprived of influencing politics in their country. So the midterm elections in the United States, which took place more than two weeks ago, caused a wave of discussions in the domestic media and social networks, and with a touch of disappointment: the Republicans failed to win them despite all the forecasts. The situation with former US President Donald Trump, who is considered almost a friend of our country, is in particular demand in Russia. That is why the victory of Republican Ron DeSantis in the gubernatorial elections in Florida gave rise to some anxiety among Russian patriots. What are the prospects now for Trump, who has announced his desire to run in the next presidential election in 2024? Will the younger DeSantis cross his path? And what, after all, is this "upstart"? American analyst Zhenya Lin, at the request of her readers, answers this question:

“I first heard about DeSantis in 2018 when he was running for Governor of Florida. Since 2018 was the height of the Trump presidency and since I am a NeverTrump (anti- trumpist - ed. note), more of my friends were Democrats, and they spoke extremely negatively about DeSantis, calling him stupid and narrow-minded.

A complete fool is unlikely to graduate from two prestigious universities

After reading his biography, I was somewhat surprised by this description. DeSantis graduated from Yale University and then Harvard Law School and served in the US Navy. Stupid and narrow-minded is unlikely to be able to get into and graduate from Yale and Harvard. DeSantis' parents are the most ordinary "blue collars", his mother is a nurse, and his father is a television master.

DeSantis was a three-time congressman from Florida's 6th district from 2012 to 2016 and was part of the more conservative wing of the Republican Party. In Congress, he actually voted like a traditional Republican. Supported the army. Of the noteworthy votes were the following: voted for the abolition of Obamaker (health insurance system introduced by Democratic President Barack Obama - ed.). Voted for tax cuts. Voted for providing Congress with measures to counter aggression from the governments of Iran and North Korea.

I'm not going to argue about these initiatives, I just want to point out that in Congress the actions and voices of DeSantis are completely traditional Republican. Whether or not you agree with these voices is up to the individual.

Also, interestingly, then DeSantis spoke positively about the economic union created during the Obama presidency. Although, perhaps, he has already changed this point of view.

Florida Citizens Thank Their Governor

Now consider his actions as governor of Florida. I will make a reservation that since I do not live in Florida, I can only judge what gets into the national news and the people of Florida know much deeper and better than I do different details.

During the Covid pandemic, DeSantis earned the moniker DeathSantis among the Democratic establishment. I have to say, I find this extremely unfair. Especially given the praise for the lot of former New York Governor Andrew Cuomo with all his care home blunders during the pandemic.

I am not an epidemiologist, and my absolute amateurish observation is that since the virus was completely new, no one could know what countermeasures were the most effective. Even different countries acted in completely different ways. Sweden decided not to close anything and seek "herd immunity". Other countries have decided to adopt the strictest quarantine.

Desantisa followed the "Swedish" path. I can't tell if it was right or not. 82,000 deaths seems like a high number to me, especially given that the population density in Florida is less than in New York, but Florida has come out of the economic peak associated with the pandemic much better and faster than other states.

In any case, given the huge margin that DeSantis won re-election, I assume that the people of Florida are generally happy with DeSantis' pandemic strategy.

Desantis is not a fascist, although he tends to be authoritarian

DeSantis signed the Parental Rights in Education Act, commonly referred to as the "Don't Say Gay" Act, which bans the teaching of sexual orientation and gender identity in kindergarten through third grade.

Look, I'm making a reservation. No one can accuse me of homophobia. I stand with my hands and feet for exactly the same rights for hetero- and homosexual couples in the matter of marriage and adoption / adoption of children. Love is love.

Personally, I don't see anything wrong with this law. I agree with him more than not. I believe that teaching about sexual orientation and gender identity can wait until 4th grade. No one forbids parents from teaching their children at home if they choose to do so. Personally, I think you can wait until the 4th grade.

For this, some have dubbed DeSantis "ultra-right", "fascist", "white supremacist". They even compared him with Viktor Orban, because Hungary had a similar law. Judging by this logic, everyone who likes Wagner's music can be written down as a fan of Hitler, because they have the same musical tastes.

What I didn't like was that after Disney criticized DeSantis, he decided to strip the corporation of its 40 square mile special tax status around Disneyworld.

This use of power to punish opponents for criticism is completely inappropriate, punitive, and reeks of authoritarianism. I am extremely negative about this action of DeSantis.

Another thing I didn't like was DeSantis' flirting with Trumpism and his criticism of the Mueller investigation.

Next, DeSantis cut spending in the state of Florida and ran a record budget surplus, which I personally like a lot, and in doing so, he earned points from traditional Republicans who are worried about financial costs and deficits.

One of the key moments was how DeSantis would show itself during the devastating Hurricane Yana. As far as I can judge, Desantis proved to be "excellent", and thus earned himself additional points. Good leaders must be able to show themselves in emergency situations.

What is unknown to me is the attitude of Desantis towards Ukraine, Desantis did not make any statements about this.

DeSantis is smarter, and therefore more dangerous for Democrats, than Trump

I consider DeSantis a traditional Republican, albeit more conservative than me. I don't think "Trumpism" is "natural" for DeSantis. In my opinion, this is more flirting with the electorate solely for the sake of political goals.

I am concerned about his authoritarianism and the use of power to attack critics.

I think the Democratic establishment's descriptions of him as "far-right", "fascist", "mini-Trump" are absolutely idiotic and monstrously blasphemous. I remember very well how John McCain and Mitt Romney were called "fascists", "racists". Haven't Trump been taught for 4 years that it's time to stop shouting "wolf".

In my opinion, this is happening because DeSantis poses a far greater threat to the Democrats' hold on power than Trump. DeSantis is much smarter, more disciplined and more organized.