Posted 24 ноября 2022, 13:07

Published 24 ноября 2022, 13:07

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Question of the day: what does the Moskvich 3 crossover differ with from the Chinese JAC JS4

24 ноября 2022, 13:07
Фото: Соцсети
Russian media and social networks, citing RIA Novosti, report the good news that the Moskvich automobile plant (in the recent past - Renault) has finally resumed its work by launching mass production of the new Moskvich 3 urban crossover.

So far, it is equipped with a petrol turbo engine (1.5 l, 150 hp, 210 Nm) paired with a CVT automatic transmission or a 6-speed manual transmission. But its electric version will appear in 2025 and will be equipped with a Russian battery, motor and charger. Sales of the new model will begin in January 2023 in Moscow, and in March in Russia.

Deputy Prime Minister of Russia, Minister of Industry and Trade Denis Manturov said on this occasion that cars of the Moskvich brand are planned to be included in state demand support programs in the future.

However, users of social networks in connection with this news had a legitimate question: how original is this crossover? It hurts - at least outwardly - similar to the Chinese crossover JAC JS4.

А это старый китайский кроссовер

As they say: find ten differences.