Posted 25 ноября 2022,, 09:58

Published 25 ноября 2022,, 09:58

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Teachers are allowed to use WhatsApp for personal communication

Teachers are allowed to use WhatsApp for personal communication

25 ноября 2022, 09:58
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The head of the Ministry of Digital Development Maksut Shadayev did not support the introduction of a total ban for teachers and officials to use the WhatsApp messenger outside of work.

The position of the Ministry of Digital Transformation regarding the ban on Western messengers became known during the Digital Diamond forum in Yakutia, Kommersant reports.

One of the meeting participants complained to the minister that the authorities in Yakutia are forcing teachers to stop using the WhatsApp * messenger when communicating with students' parents: they are being secretly pushed to switch to Russian platforms. However, the Ministry of Digital Development did not approve such a policy of the regional authorities.

“The nature of the ministry is that everything that is not forbidden is allowed. The only thing we are trying to regulate is working communications”, - the minister explained.

He explained that the transition to domestic messengers should relate to government issues and vertical discussions. However, chats at the level of neighbors in the area can be carried out in any services.

Earlier, officials of the Ministry of Education disowned the instructions allegedly received from them to transfer parental chats to Russian platforms. Meanwhile, the heads of industrial enterprises in the Ministry of Industry and Trade were required not to use foreign negotiation platforms for official purposes.

*Owned by Meta, recognized in the Russian Federation as extremist and banned in the territory of the Russian Federation.