Posted 29 ноября 2022, 10:45

Published 29 ноября 2022, 10:45

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Presentation of Golubitskaya's novel "Two Writers or Keys to the Attic" took place in Moscow

29 ноября 2022, 10:45
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Presentation of a new novel by Marina Golubitskaya "Two Writers or Keys to the Attic" took place in the Moscow "Biblio-Globus". The author began work on it 20 years ago, but the general reader will see it only now.

Golubitskaya wrote a novel about the joys and humiliations of writing, about ambition, vanity and buffoonery, about love. The author narrates without sentimentality, sometimes very harshly, and sometimes very funny. The book was created according to the laws of melodrama, but it takes place in realistic scenery with real, not stereotyped characters.

The plot unfolds against a detailed backdrop of the late 1990s - early 2000s in Yekaterinburg. Talking about the city of those times, Golubitskaya introduces us to its bright and unique personalities, bred under real names - playwright Nikolai Kolyada, poet Boris Ryzhiy, artists, writers, politicians, all those who shaped the cultural and social life of the city of those years. The main character - a woman who has a prosperous life: a good husband, wonderful children, a favorite job. However, as soon as she opens the door of her house a little, a charismatic writer, inspirer and destroyer of boundaries bursts in. Will this meeting affect her fate? Will the life of the heroine remain the same? These questions can only be answered by reading the novel.

"It always seemed to me that I live to tell people something important, funny and interesting. But over time, I realized that the story and reality are two different things. I tried to write “Keys to the Attic” honestly, almost documentarily, although, to be honest, I reworked my text many times. However, this is not an autobiography. The book is written on the basis of lived experience and in the spirit of the time - in the autofiction genre", - said Marina Golubitskaya at the presentation in Moscow.

The book "Two writers or the keys to the attic" was published by the publishing house "Rusistika".