Posted 30 ноября 2022,, 15:05

Published 30 ноября 2022,, 15:05

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Deadly symbiosis: how the coronavirus is reborn into a cyborg

Deadly symbiosis: how the coronavirus is reborn into a cyborg

30 ноября 2022, 15:05
Developing cybernetics and information technology, humanity imperceptibly trains and "cultivates" the most terrible and insidious viruses.

Andrey Zlobin, candidate of technical sciences

In a previous article in Novye Izvestia, I drew attention to the suspicious similarity of a number of mathematical models of COVID-19 with military algorithms. This can be seen as an indirect sign of a biological attack. Alas, this is not the worst news. Everything is much worse. The rapid and flexible evolution of the coronavirus suggests that its survivability and deceit are due to some new factor that humanity has never encountered before. And, judging by the characteristic symptoms, this factor is of a cybernetic nature. Before our eyes, the virus is reborn into a cyborg. "Cybernetics or Control and Communication in Animal and Machine" was the title of a book by mathematician Norbert Wiener, first published in 1948. Today, a cybernetic organism or a cyborg is often referred to as an object that combines both a biological component and some man-made device. I will try to explain in more detail what I mean when I talk about a qualitatively new phenomenon - a symbiosis of viruses and artificial cybernetic systems.

The power of modern cybernetic and information technologies has reached unprecedented heights. These are hundreds of high-performance supercomputers, these are gigantic volumes of received and stored data, this is the global Internet network that connects everyone and everything in real time, including wireless communication channels, mass media channels, this is a lot of advanced artificial intelligence systems. Any information published on the global network about the coronavirus immediately becomes available in biological laboratories around the globe. This information, to one degree or another, is immediately reflected in laboratory studies. That is, the virus not only locally, but simultaneously in all parts of the planet "learns" everything that scientists around the world are doing against it. Such a global "awareness" of the virus was previously unthinkable and became possible only as a result of the explosive development of the cybernetic technosphere. It is clear that further mutations of the pathogen in different regions can become a quick response to laboratory methods that differ from each other, specific geography, and the specifics of the population. The evolution of the virus that occurs in this case is characterized by multiple and diverse modifications, which become extremely difficult to keep track of. The virus, as it were, is endowed with a virtual artificial intelligence and begins to exist in close interaction with the cybernetic tools of mankind. An unusual effect can perhaps be compared with the plot of the movie "The Matrix".

Every specialist in the field of cybernetics knows the fundamental concept of "feedback". When I worked as a senior researcher at the Research Institute of Physical Culture and Sports (VNIIFK), we published an article in the journal "Bulletin of Sports Science" No. 3 for 2008, where we specifically warned about the influence of mass media on an athlete in the process of responsible competitions due to the formation of appropriate feedback. The article was called "Marketing of mobile communication technologies in relation to the tasks of sports psychology." At the end of the 60s, the management of the athlete's behavior thanks to the devices of "urgent information" was described in the book "Cybernetics, Mathematics, Sports" by V.M. Zatsiorsky, the head of VNIIFK. Generally speaking, the very principle of controlling a biological object by cybernetic methods has long been known and is applied in strict accordance with the fundamental works of Norbert Wiener. But it seems that even in a nightmare, humanity could not imagine that by developing cybernetics and information technology, it is imperceptibly teaching and “cultivating” the most terrible and insidious viruses due to the same feedback. Feedback, for example, can manifest itself in the form of the influence of enzymes and repressors on protein synthesis. But some people might be tempted to use such a relationship between high-tech and pathogens to create a monstrous biological weapon, which is essentially a cyborg on a planetary scale. For example, Igor Kirillov, chief of the Radiation, Chemical and Biological Defense Troops of the Russian Armed Forces, recently reported on some kind of PAKS system that allows the Pentagon to monitor in real time the location and use of especially dangerous pathogens in laboratories around the world. Add to this the US plans to organize high-speed broadband satellite Internet access through many thousands of satellites, and even nuclear weapons will seem like a childish prank, a rattle compared to the global virus cyborg.

At the beginning of the last century, Academician V.I. Vernadsky formulated an important idea that humanity has become a geological force. Perhaps today is the time to declare humanity a "biological force." That is, people have reached such intellectual power, in which they can change not only the geology of the planet, but also the biosphere. You just need to be aware that penetration into the secrets of nature and technological progress do not always give predictable results. A cyborg is a product of the human mind, and the sleep of the mind, as you know, gives birth to monsters. Alas, humanity has crossed the line beyond which the abyss begins. “If you look into the abyss for a long time, then the abyss will begin to peer into you” is the most accurate formulation of what lies behind the tragedy of the COVID-19 pandemic. This is the first sign, a rehearsal. And if the human race does not immediately come to its senses, it may cease to exist altogether, including the so-called "golden billion".