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Published 30 ноября 2022, 15:47

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Europe doesn't disdain bribes as well. How we "bought" a fake GreenPass

30 ноября 2022, 15:47
The crack in the European system of values is manifesting before our eyes. The thin place was public health. It turns out that in Europe, too, corrupt officials are selling fake covid-passports. It turned out to be easy to buy a GreenPass for yourself - "NI" confirmed this during the "test purchase".

Anna Snezhina

One-component Janseen is in particular demand among mobile people. Unlike all other vaccines, a full-fledged certificate for it is issued after one injection, you do not need to wait an interval of several weeks after the first vaccination and inject a second one. For adventurous travelers, of course, there is a Chinese option, namely: the military experimental vaccine Convidecia, also a single component. But apart from China itself, it is not staged anywhere, and it is still not known for certain how seriously it will be taken in the countries of the first world.

With a Russian passport, getting a Janseen shot anywhere has always been extremely difficult. All over Europe, in vaccination centers, they tried to spend such a convenient vaccine first of all, of course, on their own citizens. But if you really try, loopholes could be found.

Evidence of the purchase of fake European covid-certificates has already appeared on forums and social networks.

В пространстве Сети - множество чатов, через которые можно выйти на продавцов поддельных европейских сертификатов

After the abolition of compulsory vaccination in the European Union, most of the chats for those who “want to be vaccinated” were abandoned. While, nevertheless, we were sorting through them, trying to find at least some ways out, a girl unexpectedly knocked on her personal messages and offered to buy GreenPass from her. “Green passport” means the absence of coronavirus in its holder, data on the status of a citizen are entered and stored in the official health database operating in most EU countries.

First of all, the girl who showed up asked if a vaccine was required to enter which country.

“We are issuing a Eurostandard vaccination certificate (Original Green Pass), which will be entered into the EU database through the Unified Vaccination Center in France. Pfizer and Janseen vaccines are available . The vaccination certificate will be standard in electronic form with a QR code in English and French. You don't need to go anywhere! Online registration in one day”, - the agent formulated her full offer.

The issue price as a whole is €800.

In the range - three doses of Pfizer retroactively, or one shot of Janseen, she said.

To start the process, it was proposed to send scans of the second and third pages of the passport.

Светлана Релокэйшен четко сформулировала предложение и прайс: 800 евро за французскую "удаленную вакцинацию" и 900 евро - за армянскую

It all looked pretty plausible and detailed. Confidence that it was really health officials who would take care of the case, and not scammers who would disappear with the money taken or send in the end an unquoted photoshop, inspired the negotiated conditions. No advance payment required. Calculations were proposed to be made only after the issuance of the certificate and the provision of evidence of its validity in the GreenPass system.

Distrustful customers are offered to send a certificate fragment, namely a cut out QR code, for a twenty-five percent advance payment - in this way, the customer himself can run his QR through the GreenPass application, see his last name under the checkmark and make sure that the transaction has taken place.

Условия сделки

In addition, as examples, the girl willingly dropped several valid QR codes from supposedly her previous clients. These certificate holders really did not look like bots or figureheads.

When clarifying the details, the girl swore that the “vaccination” would be carried out by real doctors from private clinics, and they would submit reporting data to the European healthcare system.

“Works exactly the same as with a real vaccination throughout Europe, in the USA and in Indonesia. Everything is completely the same as with a real vaccination, only without the presence”, - the girl painted the advantages of “remote vaccination”.

But about one nuance, dealers do not warn customers. Holders of Russian passports who do not live in Europe will have to sort out on their own the GreenPass inconsistency with the stamps in the passport that fix the dates of border crossings or their absence ... How, for example, will you explain to foreign border guards that you were vaccinated on November 30 in a private clinic in Paris, but at the same time, there are no entry and exit marks in this country in the passport? Don't blame it on a random mistake. A two- or three-component vaccination should leave 4-6 stamps on the pages of your document. The country in which you will later present a fake document, if it takes its duties seriously, can send you directly from the airport to places where you did not originally plan at all, in handcuffs.

To this objection, the girl had a ready answer. The office is ready to adjust the Armenian certificate, which is also quoted by the European GreenPass. However, it costs $100 more. And that's what the surcharge is for - we explain.

Russian citizens are indeed allowed to enter Armenia with an internal passport - when crossing the border by air, stamps in the passport can be avoided.

“Armenia is always an alibi, entry with a Russian passport, and no one abroad will ever know and prove whether you were there or not, there is no exchange of bases. At any moment they could go with their passport and get vaccinated”, - the agent assured.

But here, too, there are inconsistencies. We wrote to seven major public and private hospitals in Yerevan. Of the five respondents, Janseen vaccines are not given in any of them, even for money.

“It is not in polyclinics, but they will take him to the bases. We all pass [borders] safely. The certificate is not verified with the passport - who, when and what did it. They only scan the QR code through the application and that's it”, - the fake certificate saleswoman did not give up. To prove her words, she sent an Armenian certificate issued according to the European standard.

Армянский сертификат пользуется особым спросом у россиян

In order to finally dispel doubts, we installed the official GreenPass Europe application, downloaded from the Appstore, on our phone and ran the sent examples of “works” through it.

Three people, whose relatively recent (semi-annual) electronic certificates were directly accessible by the Svetlana Relocation agent, worked, that is, they were identified as valid in the European GreenPass system!

Мы прогнали трех клиентов Светланы Релокэйшен в через официальную систему GreenPass. Система опознала их ковид-сертификаты действительными

So, Svetlana Kovalyova, born in 1980, was vaccinated with three Pfizer components - the final dose on June 30, 2022.

Nelia Kozak, born in 1966, received one dose of Janssen on July 28, 2022.

Oksana Yakush, born in 1971, holder of just the same Armenian certificate, vaccinated on May 24, 2022 with a two-component Pfizer.

Of course, it is not necessary to lay all the blame for the forgery on the Europeans. Russian links are clearly embedded in the corrupt chains with fake vaccines in Europe.

Firstly, payment for the service is accepted on ruble cards, all the difficulties with further conversion and transactions with "toxic rubles" are handled by intermediaries.

Secondly, the name of the chat “Svetlana Relocation” and the fact that in it they communicate with you in Russian, as in their native language, cannot but suggest thoughts about the “Russian trace”.

However, the last word belongs to the state system of the European Union, which registers, checks and approves the applications of clinics for inclusion in the list (or rejects them). And here we have to admit: under the onslaught of Russian practices, the European healthcare system could not resist...

With the participation of Ilya Shumanov* (recognized by the Ministry of Justice of the Russian Federation as an individual-foreign agent and included in the corresponding list)