Posted 30 ноября 2022, 10:15

Published 30 ноября 2022, 10:15

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Everything from shops to a hospital: a project of a flying nuclear hotel appeared on the Web (video)

30 ноября 2022, 10:15
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This air liner will be able to accommodate several hotels, shops, restaurants, a swimming pool and cinemas for several thousand guests.

Leonid Zlotnikov

A curious project of a nuclear aircraft has appeared on the Web, which will be able to fly for years without landing. The idea is striking in its scope: it is not just an airplane, but a full-fledged air liner with several decks and a panoramic hall crowning the entire structure: up to 5,000 passengers, a huge space for hotels, shops, restaurants, a swimming pool and a cinema, and 20 powerful electric turbines that will lift it above the clouds.

The authors position the project as the first sky hotel of its kind, capable of flying over the Earth's surface for years without refueling. The scale of the aircraft is such that two complementary elevators are needed to move between decks. There will even be a special landing strip on the roof so as not to interrupt the endless flight for the sake of new passengers.

Not only pilots will control the colossus - they will be helped by AI, designed to minimize the effect of turbulence and make the movement as smooth as possible. Everything you need for autonomous operation will be on board: from a hospital to a repair shop. It remains only to wait for the appearance of a fusion reactor in the public domain, because it is the fusion that will generate enough energy for the smooth operation of the engines and all the needs of a flying hotel.

An analyst for the Russian Futurist channel commented on the viability of this ambitious project:

“I’m afraid that the cost of flying on the winged Titanic will turn out to be sky-high, on the other hand, I admit that the project that exists only in 3D will be adjusted many more times and will turn from an ideal place for escapism into a tool for colonizing air spaces. We have already discussed the sea, its surface and depths, dungeons and other planets - why shouldn't humanity take the heavenly palaces by storm?

To complete, so to speak, a few floors up and settle in cities levitating above the planet, as Jonathan Swift predicted. Fortunately, there are many ideas on this subject. Venus colonists could live in capsules of giant autonomous airships floating high above its surface, NASA suggested . It is quite possible to localize such a plan on Earth…”

It's funny, by the way, that the presentation of this air hotel was created by Hashem Al-Ghaili. The Berlin-based Yemeni-born science inventor and promoter is considered one of YouTube's notable sci-pop stars. “He has not seen his family since 2013, and against the backdrop of the ongoing war in Yemen, it is not known when he will see,” one of his interviews says. Hashem is not the author of the concept itself: it was created on the basis of models and drawings by Alexander Tuzikov. Unlike Hashem, Tuzikov's origins are unknown. The artist and architect was raised and educated in Los Angeles. Domestic origin is given out only by his name, as well as the names of his colleagues in the company Nikita Maltsev, Denis Dementiev, Anna Belkova...