Posted 1 декабря 2022, 11:33

Published 1 декабря 2022, 11:33

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Sweet lies versus harsh truth. The origins of my pessimism

1 декабря 2022, 11:33
Александр Горный
While some are kneading mud in the trenches, others are buzzing in restaurants, discos and bathing in fat, not forgetting about the fireworks.

Alexander Gorny, publicist

When they tell and write to me that there is sheer pessimism in my posts, I understand people, they do not want to plunge into it, they want the sun, warmth and good news, which simply do not exist. The skill of our verbiage with the phrases “negative dynamics”, “hybrid situation” and much more, these are all just attempts to camouflage reality, or rather to replace it, which never led to anything good. It is children who need to protect their psyche, they need to be fenced off from reality, but definitely not adults. One of my good friends, when ordering a taxi for his parents to pensioners through the application, always tells them the amount of the trip is 10 !!!!! times less than it's worth. Why? In order not to injure their psyche, so that they do not travel in overcrowded vehicles to the hospital or clinic, and it is there that most trips happen. Once having learned about the cost of the trip from a taxi driver, his parents were shocked, did not believe it, and they had to explain for a long time that this was the price of the trip without discounts, and with his personal discounts, the price is the one they know about. But these are pensioners, and my friend is not just a loving son, but also protecting their psyche from our reality.

I understand that among my readers there are people of completely different ages, but alas, I cannot write with discounts. I always call everything by its right name and see no reason to play silicone positive.

According to the current situation, I can easily explain on my fingers what many, so, understand:

From December 1, housing and communal services will increase by almost 9% and this will be another round of inflation and impoverishment of the population. Rising tariffs will pull everything in a multiplier effect. The exchange rate of the ruble has grown, but the prices on the shelves have not become lower because of this, and this is only the beginning, or rather the end of the next round.

Since December, new sanctions have been connected and within a month and a half we will see, albeit small, but their impact on our economy. The dynamics of prices for raw materials and the possibility of exporting them are not yet fully understood.

The moral and psychological climate in the country is very difficult, this can be observed every day. I do not take the eternally rejoicing idiots and our deputies, who have a salary of under 500,000 thousand, but they say more, and recently Mr. Volodin made a proposal to raise the allowance of the servants of the people at the expense of the saved funds, which will certainly be done.

I don't know how many have left Russia since February, but obviously a lot. Being in Moscow, I see how there are fewer cars on the roads, and this is obviously the result of the struggle of many of our compatriots. It is clear that many will return, the foreign land is not as affectionate as it seems to many, but those who will leave now are those who will approach their decision in a balanced and prepared way. Do I condemn them? I will keep silent, it is, so, everything is clear, I personally am not going anywhere, but at the same time I understand them.

Even our immediate future is completely incomprehensible, I'm not even talking about a year or two ahead. It's about a week or a month. It is difficult to go without a goal, it is difficult to live without a goal, as well as without a national idea that unites all Russians, for the sake of which one can die. All the stampings from the training manuals do not work with smart people, but for morons there is no need to explain anything.

The colossal gap between the people and our political elites began to only increase, and with such a gap the country cannot be sewn together, not united. While some are kneading mud in the trenches, others are buzzing in restaurants, discos and bathing in fat, not forgetting fireworks. In Crimea, they were banned, but we regularly see how they fire and will fire with joyful lights. The swindlers confidently continue to saw the coast, budgets, only now it has become easier - you put on the mask of a patriot and, foaming at the mouth, begin to hiss, yell and stigmatize anyone who interferes with them.

You can throw in a dozen more points, but I'm sure that many, so, know and understand about them. So what are we talking about then? What kind of optimism? Of course, there are joys even now, and when the sun comes out, it’s much better, but the new year 2023 is ahead ... Already in December we will face a new reality and it’s better to be mentally prepared for it than to plop down in a big pile of shit and pain.