Posted 1 декабря 2022,, 12:37

Published 1 декабря 2022,, 12:37

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Tchaikovsky banned again: the law "classified" an important part of his biography

Tchaikovsky banned again: the law "classified" an important part of his biography

1 декабря 2022, 12:37
Writers and publishers re-read their books in horror, looking for words and expressions forbidden by Russian legislators.

Ivan Zubov

As you know, on the last day of autumn, on November 30, the Federation Council approved a package of laws banning LGBT "propaganda", pedophilia and gender reassignment in films, books, advertising and the media. Now, according to these laws, a fine for propaganda of LGBT relations, expressed "in the dissemination of information or public actions", as well as promotion of gender reassignment for Russians can be up to 100 thousand rubles, for officials - up to 200 thousand rubles, for legal persons - up to 1 million rubles. And for the promotion of such relations on the Internet or in the media - up to 5 million rubles.

Even more draconian measures will be applied for the promotion of pedophilia, and, in particular, for the dissemination of information that "justifies or shapes its attractiveness." Fines here will amount to up to 400 thousand rubles for “ordinary” citizens, up to 800 thousand for officials and up to 4 million rubles for legal entities. The maximum fine for promoting such actions on the Internet and in the media is up to 10 million rubles!

The law also applies to works of art, including literary works. For example, for violation of the provisions of this law, it is supposed to fine the authors of books (we are not talking about films, or paintings and drawings) for 200 thousand rubles, if the text, cover, illustrations or imprint contain information that can be considered relevant to non-traditional sexual relations. In addition, in such cases, the book is withdrawn from publication. The problem is that if a "physical" book can be marked, wrapped in polyethylene, making it as if inaccessible, then it will be much more difficult, if not impossible, to keep track of the books posted on the Web, but at the same time, the author will answer anyway have to...

For comparison, the writer Leia L. posted on her blog an appeal by the Portuguese publisher Fernando Ribeiro de Mello (Aphrodite Publishing House, Lisbon) to booksellers, printed back in 1966 on the cover of the first in this country translated edition of Philosophy in the Boudoir by the scandalous French writer late 18th century Marquis de Sade:

“Attention gentlemen-booksellers!

Since the cultural significance of the presented work is accessible to understanding only by people who have developed, educated, with firm foundations and mature principles, the publisher appeals to the highly respected gentlemen of the booksellers with a convincing request to be especially attentive to those who buy this book, so as not to allow it to fall into juvenile hands.

The publisher also asks gentlemen of the booksellers to convey his warning to all who purchase this book..."

And that's all. And no threats of draconian fines, prison, execution...

And here is what Russian Internet publishers from the popular Ridero resource, which is called the “publishing system for independent authors”, write in 2022 on the same occasion!

They simply tell "independent authors" to line up in the back of the head in front of the "moderators" to check their works! And what is most unpleasant - now publishers and writers will have to "wool" literally every line in their online books, so as not to run into a large fine.

From this point of view, it would be extremely curious to know who, where and how, for example, will sell on the Web the biography of the world's most popular (!) Composer Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky?! In the Soviet Union, such a ban existed, so that the true sexual orientation of the composer was literally whispered in the kitchens...

And it's certainly embarrassing to speak about the biographies of thousands of other great writers, composers, artists, scientists and politicians of the world, who "defiled" their names with non-traditional sexual orientation.