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Turks will help with current: Ukraine can get heavy-duty floating power plants

1 декабря 2022, 11:32
Фото: Соцсети
Turkey intends to transfer to Ukraine power-ships capable of providing about a million people with light.

The Ukrainian company Ukrenergo is negotiating the placement of three Turkish floating power plants in the Black Sea near Odessa, the Nikkei Asia online publication reports. Their total power, according to Zeynep Kharezi, a member of the board of the Turkish company Karpowership. will be 300 MW, and this should be enough to provide electricity to about a million people.

True, according to Kharezi, the plan to transfer power-ships to Ukraine needs approval from the UN. If this happens, Ukraine will be able to partially make up for the loss of its energy infrastructure.

It should be noted that there are about a hundred such power plants in the world today, including the Russian Akademik Lomonosov, the first floating nuclear power plant operating in the Far North.

The Turkish Karadeniz Powership Orhan Ali Khan is considered the most powerful of all, it alone produces 740 MW of electricity. For floating power plants, decommissioned commercial vessels of various types are mainly converted. For example, the Turkish giant is a former dry cargo ship with 2 turbines, 24 engines, and 24 generators in its hold, operating on both gas and fuel oil and capable of providing electricity to tens of thousands of residential buildings. For example, Turkish floating power plants are successfully used in Indonesia, which consists of many islands, it is extremely difficult to stretch the power grid between them.