Posted 5 декабря 2022,, 16:54

Published 5 декабря 2022,, 16:54

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Praise of stupidity, or who lights TV stars

5 декабря 2022, 16:54
Ирина Мишина
Tusovka discusses the scandal with Grigory Leps at a concert in St. Petersburg. During the performance, the singer behaved inappropriately: he threw down the microphone, swore relish and left the stage.

This is just a prelude to the New Year's TV shows, which will soon fill the screen and the lives of fellow citizens with vulgarity and scandals.

Irina Mishina, journalist

One of the fans of Leps, who bought a ticket for his concert for 7 thousand rubles, said that the singer had no voice at all, during the performance of one of the songs the artist hoarse. And at the concert, he was rude to a woman who wanted to take a picture with him. At the end of the "concert" Leps broke the microphone on the floor. “In general, he looked disheveled,” admitted a fan of Leps. Apparently, now the former...

By what right does a person “out of voice”, “disheveled” and, moreover, not in the mood to communicate with the audience, who laid out almost their entire subsistence minimum for a ticket, enter the stage at all? Don't you think that we have generally crossed the line separating the stage from vulgarity and shameless earnings on people whom the so-called "stars" almost openly despise? Over whom they consider it possible to scoff, insult, in front of whom you can demonstrate your complexes and bad mood, and all this for the money of these most unfortunate spectators, that is, you and me.

Here, on Channel One, for example, for the second year in a row, with the knowledge and consent of the television authorities, the Olympic champion in figure skating Alina Zagitova is publicly disgraced in the Ice Age program. This is not an opening where failure is forgivable, this is precisely a failure. Alina was given a great chance: she has been working in the frame since September 2020. During this time, as they say, it was possible to teach a hare to play the drum. But she still does not reach the average level, while having the title of "best TV journalist of the year" in the KP voting, although it is impossible to imagine a greater absurdity. They can tell me: the author of these lines is jealous and wants to be in the frame herself. God forbid, because I don’t understand anything about sheepskin coats, axels, supports and quads. I do not position myself as a sports journalist and do not take this place on Channel One. A place where another talented girl or young man with good speech and charm could be.

Who generally distributes these titles of "the best presenters", "kings", "prima donnas" and "empresses" of our stage and our TV? Who called, for example, Philip Kirkorov, "the king of the stage"? What comes to your mind when you say this name, except for endless scandals? Personally, only his colored tights, an outfit in feathers, a dance on an Orthodox cross and insults to journalists (for some reason, always female, by a strange accident) pop up in my mind. Popularity in scandals is a win-win move, of course, but which of the serious, soul-touching things do you remember from Kirkorov's latest repertoire? Personally, I have the song “Rollie on the Hand”, performed together with the blogger Dava, with whom Kirkorov got married right at the Muz TV awards, spinning.

And TV channels made it a rule to promote girls from the Eagle and Tails program, which was closed for obvious reasons. Girls after the finish of the program, of course, did not sit idle and became Instagram models * ( Instagram was declared an extremist organization in the Russian Federation ). And now, on the Friday TV channel, a lady from Eagle and Tails, as well as from an advertisement with Dmitry Nagiyev, Ivleeva, is looking for a husband. Men conscientiously answer questions like: "Fried eggs or scrambled eggs?", "Ass or breasts?". That is, they must guess the thoughts of this Ivleeva. Ivleeva herself smiles broadly and cues in her thick baritone. Judging by the information on the Internet, she is already married or in a civil marriage with a certain LJ. How LJ looks at all this action is a funny question. Although he looks good, most likely, the money in the family is never superfluous. The guys who are fighting for a date with Ivleeva are most likely the second part of Let's Get Married, where the men went to promote themselves. A friend of mine wrote after this program: "Yesterday I got married to some monster, a moment of shame and a million saved on PR campaigns"

...And only my neighbor is indignant: "Well, how is it, she recaptured Nagiyev from a good girl, and now she wants to meet the young behind his back".

The theater of the absurd on TV channels is entering its final phase. Vulgarity will reach its climax on New Year's Eve. Stock up on champagne! And don't forget to turn off the TV.