Posted 7 декабря 2022,, 16:34

Published 7 декабря 2022,, 16:34

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The West is not a Jewish mother! 7 things Russian emigrants should know

7 декабря 2022, 16:34
Андрей Мовчан
The greatness of the West lies in the fact that it invites everyone to try to dress, speak and smell like him, and everyone who was able to do it himself, and does not spit on the floor, will be met in the West as an equal.

Andrey Movchan, financial analyst

With some sadness, I must note that the conditionally Russian (that is, having a history of Russia) global aliyah of humanistic views (I don’t know what to call it in short - well, not the liberal opposition!) Shows the level of viability of that very “Jewish embryo” from the joke (according to a Jewish mother, a Jewish embryo is not viable on its own until the age of 40).

As an experienced investment manager, whose money (and the money of whose clients) successfully survived 2001, 2008, 2014, 2020 and now 2022, that is, a person who is 146% cynical and has nothing sacred, I will allow myself to formulate several truths united by the title “Son, you must know this otherwise Khan", - suddenly it will come in handy for someone.

1. West is not an Aidish (Jewish) mother. The West does not have a hobby of loving and patronizing people with beautiful faces. Your beautiful faces are so that you yourself would not be disgusted to look in the mirror, and not to trade them with the West: the West will not buy, it does not need it. You think that a beautiful face is a commodity, and the West rightly sees in it only a grimace “we ourselves are not local people” and, hiding disgust, throws coppers that you take for global support for freedom, democracy and you personally and payment for your beautiful face. The fact that the West is beautifully dressed, speaks beautifully, does not spit on the floor and smells of perfume does not mean at all that he is seriously interested in which of the strange savages is more worthy of being a leader in the distant snowy Tmutarakan. The West is not going, by selecting savages, to select the most noble and feed them marshmallows in chocolate for this nobility. The greatness of the West is that it invites everyone to try to dress, speak and smell like him, and everyone who could (himself!) Do this, and does not spit on the floor, will be met in the West as an equal. Attention - as an equal, and not as having the right to admiration and a lifetime allowance for his non-spitting. Couldn't get dressed and smell? You will be worthy of charity. He spat on the floor mechanically out of habit - go out, apologies are not accepted, there is already another in line for a suit and perfume.

2. The West is not the Garden of Eden, not the kingdom of the Atlanteans, not the new Jerusalem. Even 100 years ago the West was worse than modern Russia, 50 years ago it was no better. The West is still full of bureaucrats, fools, hypocrites, populists, crooks, small evil characters and big evil characters. The greatness of the West is that (A) none of the above has sole power in the West; (B) in especially serious situations (but only in especially serious ones), legislative barriers moderate the ardor of the above categories of citizens and organizations; (C) none of the designated personalities can forbid you to resent them. But despite the greatness of the West, the likelihood that you will suffer one way or another from these cute creatures in the very center of the West in the middle of the day in front of everyone is very much higher than zero, the phrase “how is it - I have a beautiful face and I am from Russia” will be perceived as indicated in the first paragraph, that is, as "we ourselves are people not from here." In the West, this probability is included in the initial calculation of the cash flow, and no one cries or runs to their mother.

3. The West is not King Solomon, not a wise judge who rewards justice. The greatness of the West lies in the presence of a soulless, monstrously confusing, creaking, buzzing and blinking working legislative and regulatory machine, which sometimes unexpectedly hits you in the forehead with a sledgehammer (not Wagnerian) for nothing, sometimes turns into an endless insane labyrinth from which there is no way out, sometimes it becomes the Hatter and makes you ask yourself who is mad - you or she, but in the vast majority of cases this machine will protect you, save you, help you, take you where you need to when you need it. Its efficiency is not 100%, but surprisingly high, given that it was made by people. Therefore, if you are banged by the Western system of law or regulation for no reason so that you cannot recover, this does not mean that there is no law and order in the West. This means that you are very unlucky. I would compare it to a plane crash. It happens - but very rarely, so everyone flies, because if it does not fall, then it is extremely convenient. Of course, the opposite is also true - if you violated the rules for operating this machine in the West, then the probability that you will not get hit in the forehead is extremely small. Are the rules meaningless and confusing? Where is the justice? They don't understand - is it different? Do we have beautiful faces? In the West, all this sounds only like “we ourselves are not local people” and does not touch anyone: they spat on the floor, even with ambrosia, they got it in the forehead.

4. The West, unlike Jesus, has no great plan for you, whether you love it or not. The West loves the big god called "The Elector" and the gift of the gods called "Profit". The goal of the West is to please the Elector - so that he sends his vote to him. The meaning of the West is, having appeased the Voter, to receive Profit. Do you want to become a god? It's very simple in the West - become a voter! Do you want to be a great god? Elementary - become a voter and a source of profit! There is an intermediate option - if you know how to talk with the voter, you can become a priest and the West will love you too. You are not a voter, not a priest, and not a source of profit? See point one - you are in the category "we ourselves are not local people." The greatness of the West lies in the fact that it gave everyone the opportunity to become a god, or rather, a part of a deity named Electorate (Voters in Russian). This is not a chimera in the West, not an illusion, not a deception - this god is real, and you can be a part of it. You can, but you are not by definition. If you come from a distant country where injustice is happening, then either you are a priest who knows how to speak with the Electorate, and then the West will show respect and support (as much as the Electorate wants !!!), or see point 1. And then it all depends on What a priest you are - if you manage to persuade the Electorate, or at least convince the West that you will persuade the Electorate - the West will fulfill everything. If not, it's not the West that's bad, it's you, a so-so priest. Of course, you can still try to become a source of profit - this also sometimes helps.

5. The West at first glance seems Christian, but in essence it is much more Jewish - only, of course, in a very narrow sense that it is not inclusive and not proselytizing, but exclusive. Everything that did not become the West according to the instructions set out in paragraph 1, and did not receive the status of a priest or a source of profit, by definition is entered by the West into the list of hybrid visual aids for studying how not to do it and experimental animals for practicing methods of causing good. The greatness of the West lies in the fact that in the study of visual aids and in the treatment of experimental animals, the West proceeds from the Great Principles and therefore the aids are preserved in a tolerable state, and the animals for the most part do not suffer (but this was not always the case). The fate of welfare and the quality of life of animals is secondary to the West in comparison to the West's academic success and progress in methods of doing good. Therefore, one should not be surprised that if you are not part of the West, not a priest and not a source of profit, but simply came to the West for help in the struggle for a holy and just cause, then the West will gladly give you advice, write many books about you, speak about you with a pep talk, sell you something you don't need (maybe even cheap), give you something you don't need at all, offer to try a magic method when it gets worse - offer another magic method when it gets worse ... and so on until you you will still be able to try, but perhaps at some point the method will work, do not discount this chance!

6. In no case should the West be confused with priests who are trying to speak to the Electorate “on behalf of the West” or appeal to the West, urging it to act in the name of the Electorate. Priests have their own interests, fears, their own stupidity and their own temptations, among which greed, xenophobia, the thirst for fame and power are much more common than among ordinary people, because if you are already the Elector and you are not obsessed with them, then you simply do not go to the priests - there is no need, and if you are not a Voter, but a savage from a distant snowy Tmutarakan, then even more so. Priests are not the West, priests influence the West through influence on the Electorate. The greatness of the West lies not only in the fact that it knows how to assess this influence - sometimes wrongly, but more often approximately correctly, but also in the fact that the West understands that the Electorate is many-sided and contradictory, therefore, extremes should be cut off. There is only one way to fight priests - by becoming a priest. At the same time, the right priest is not the one that focuses on the Electorate: he runs a great risk that the West will mistakenly assess his influence. The best priests focus on the West itself, convincing it that they have a strong influence on the Electorate (see point 4). Practice shows that it works better, and even better - to do both.

7. And lastly, the wisdom of the Electorate is in its childlike simplicity. The wisdom of the West is the same. If you have three opinions between two of you, then you yourself don’t know what you are talking about, you are not a priest at all, but simply “not a local”, and it doesn’t matter what kind of face you have. The Western idea of the structure of the world is based on corporatism: everyone is united by common interests or by common views (taking into account the fact that views are determined by interests, this is one and the same thing). The West clearly detects falsehood: for example, if you declare a commonality of views, but at the same time slander each other, then the West decides (quite rightly) that you actually pass off the commonality of your position as a “non-local” savage as a commonality of views and you are fighting each other a friend for the alms of the West, and not at all for a bright future or the opportunity to be part of a progressive humanity. There are no glasses with which the West will be able to discern in your evil fuss a noble attempt to seek good from good and become holier than the Pope. But even if you unite, do not forget the above points - the West is not interested in the abstract idea of goodness, the beauty of faces and the establishment of justice in one distant galaxy, at least in isolation from the desires of the Electorate and / or the possibility of making a profit. It is pointless to blame the West for this, because it will not become different - but it is dangerous: in response to such accusations, the West usually decides that you are “not your own” - see point 1 below. ". There is freedom of speech in the West, and often even somewhat excessive. But, firstly, she is here for her own people, and in order to speak freely, one must dress properly, put on a scent and not spit on the floor. Secondly, in the West there is no freedom without responsibility and the local motto sounds like: "You have received freedom of speech - now think what you say". How to think? Yes, it's very simple - the Electorate must be satisfied, in the West there is only one God and for all occasions.

If you do not understand all this, then your attempts to interact with the West will be doomed to severe disappointment - and mutual. If you don’t like it so much that you can’t eat, then maybe you just don’t need to interact with the West, after all, there are a lot of places with a more familiar culture, Latin America for example.