Posted 8 декабря 2022,, 09:37

Published 8 декабря 2022,, 09:37

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“Down with the army drill!”: in Ryazan people rebelled against the new rector of the Ryazan State University

“Down with the army drill!”: in Ryazan people rebelled against the new rector of the Ryazan State University

8 декабря 2022, 09:37
Students and teachers of the Ryazan State University (RSU) named after Sergey Yesenin posted a petition on the Internet demanding the resignation from the leadership post of the new and. about. Rector of the university - Colonel Igor Murog.

The authors of the petition blamed the United Russia party appointed to the post of rector for the violation of human rights, as well as the unjustified introduction of "soldafonic practices" in the university that are incompatible with the activities of a civilian educational institution.

According to the telegram channel Not Moscow Speaks, in total, more than 800 people have already signed the petition.

“We do not want to study and work under your leadership, with your army orders and manners”, - the demands of the participants in the appeal say.

The conflict between students, teachers and the new rector of the university arose from the very first days after the appointment of a deputy of the regional Duma from United Russia to this post. Former commander of military schools in Novosibirsk and Chelyabinsk, ex-director of the Ryazan branch of the Moscow Polytechnic University, Igor Murog, took office as rector of the Russian State University on November 30.

Immediately after coming to power, he ordered to liquidate the street smoking room, ordered to repaint and rearrange the ballot boxes, and began to personally meet latecomers at the entrance with a stopwatch in his hands, forcing them to write explanatory notes. It is noteworthy that the new rector obliged the new rector to write explanations for the lateness of one student not only the latecomer himself, but also his teacher, as well as the dean of the faculty where the lateness occurred.

Teachers and students could not stand this attitude and five days later posted a petition on the Web demanding that the new rector be dismissed. A copy of the petition with signatures, the staff of the university intends to transfer to the Ministry of Education of the Russian Federation.

“You, with the chosen leadership style, have the very place in the army, where it is more appropriate”, - the teachers said.

The participants of the petition warn that they are ready to organize street protests against the new rector and come out with solo pickets if their demand is not met.