Posted 8 декабря 2022, 10:45

Published 8 декабря 2022, 10:45

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Heads of state-owned companies will be deprived of 20% of bonuses for poor performance indicators

8 декабря 2022, 10:45
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The government has changed the methodology for assessing the effectiveness of companies with state participation, toughening the responsibility of top managers for achieving performance and timely publication of reports.

For poor performance, managers can now be de-bonded by 20% of incentive payments. At the same time, for good work, managers have a chance to receive from 15% to 50% of the annual bonus. This should be a powerful incentive for them to improve the quality of work.

"Top managers' bonuses in the amount of at least 20% of incentive payments are provided for incomplete, untimely and unreliable disclosure of data on the achievement of key performance indicators", - Kommersant notes.

Companies with state participation are required to submit reports on the effectiveness of their activities on a quarterly basis from 2022. Reports include data on profit and quality of work on the "implementation of significant projects."

The quality of the work of state-owned companies will be assessed by a special body - an interdepartmental working group, which assumes a clear regulation of roles and monitoring of risks in each of the most significant areas.

Earlier it was reported that this year, against the backdrop of the financial crisis, many companies will refuse bonuses to employees and from holding festive corporate events on the eve of the New Year.