Posted 9 декабря 2022, 06:55

Published 9 декабря 2022, 06:55

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Bestseller from 100 rubles. up to 12 thousand: Avito sells concrete blocks

9 декабря 2022, 06:55
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On the site of free ads "Avito" people began to sell anti-tank barriers with might and main.

Concrete pyramids or blocks are sold in the Crimea, Mariupol, Belgorod, Kursk, Bryansk, Rostov and Leningrad regions, journalists of the Polygon Media channel noticed. Prices for one block start at 100 rubles. The most expensive barriers are in the Crimea - 12,500 rubles apiece.

“There is no preparation required for installation! Excellent quality, durable. Delivery to the object of the DPR and LPR”, - one of the ads says.