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A bright future is just around the corner: successful nuclear fusion has been carried out in the USA

A bright future is just around the corner: successful nuclear fusion has been carried out in the USA

14 декабря 2022, 14:16
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Experts are sure that humanity has two to three decades left before receiving a source of free energy

On Tuesday, Dec. 13, American scientists at the world-famous Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory in California announced that they had crossed a long-awaited milestone in the development of nuclear fusion - the first fusion reaction in the laboratory produced more energy than it took to start the reaction. This event, according to experts, should change the world over the next two to three decades as dramatically as the discovery and study of electricity itself changed in its time.

A clean source of energy, without the need to burn oil, coal, build dams, windmills and solar farms is an old dream of mankind. And now - we, finally, apparently, have reached the last leg of a very long path to this dream. There is very little left - just a practical implementation of an already experimentally proven theory!

Humanity is getting rid of energy slavery

Science journalist Dmitry Klein comments on this event in the following way:

“Do not rush to write to me that this is all wrong - I myself know everything, thank you. Yes, so far only one experiment, yes, even the results are not yet completely unambiguous, yes, the installation is still completely far from any practical application - everything is so, yes. But just remember that from 1831, when Faraday discovered the phenomenon of electromagnetic induction, until 1878, when the World Exhibition opened in Paris, the territory of which was already illuminated by “Yablochkov candles”, 47 years have passed. Total.

Half a century from the first results of research to practical application - and this is in the conditions of the 19th century! In the 21st century, everything will be faster - two, three, five times faster?

As you understand, if the results of the Americans are confirmed, then the next decades, humanity will spend on development in this area investments of such a magnitude that the total US and USSR spending on space in the 20th century will seem like just a trifle for coffee.

And the results will be, it is already inevitable, and you and I - the same generation that will see firsthand how humanity got rid of energy slavery - we will get an endless source of very cheap and clean energy! As you understand, this will affect everything in our lives, literally everything!

I really want to believe that it is not too late, that the ecology will hold out a little more and our grandchildren will not have to build domed cities in the future to survive for our great-grandchildren. Even with clean energy sources inside.

Russia, please do not worry

Well, and one more thing. In the 20th century, there were two obvious competitors in the race for space - the USA and the USSR - the free world and the Gulag country. Back then, the camp could compete with society in such things.

In the 21st century - as you understand, a lot has changed, and only China can at least somehow claim the place of the Soviet Union in this race - and at first glance, this is also a camp, perhaps a digital one. But the degree of integration of the Chinese economy into the world space is such that here it is rather necessary to talk not about direct competition, but about the degree and forms of mutual influence. But something tells me that this time the free world will be the leader.

Russia will not participate in any significant way in the new stage of development of the future. She has other plans and activities, her own special path, spirituality and vision of the world.

Well, I really hope that it will remain there - inside this roschuchche - with its oil, gas and "great history" that are no longer interesting to anyone.

Today, our human civilization has taken the first step into the real future, into the very one that we read about in fantastic books of the last century. Russia, on the other hand, has been going its own way for a long time - into the past..."