Posted 19 декабря 2022, 15:06

Published 19 декабря 2022, 15:06

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Zelensky asks European authorities for new tanks and air defense

19 декабря 2022, 15:06
President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky asked the heads of European countries to increase arms supplies to Kyiv.

According to Kommersant, with reference to Zelensky's statement made on December 19 during a meeting of the Joint Expeditionary Force in Riga, the President of Ukraine asked the Dutch Ministry of Defense to supply tanks to the republic, and he asked the British Rishi Sunak for additional air defense systems.

“I ask you to increase the possibility of supplying air defense systems to our country”, - Zelensky’s appeal to Sunak is quoted by Reuters.

From Sweden, Zelenskiy hopes to get the 155mm Archer artillery system. He asked the Danish authorities for 155-millimeter Caesar howitzers, and the Lithuanian leadership for new missiles.

In total, representatives of ten European states took part in the forum in Riga. Along with the already mentioned Great Britain, Sweden, Denmark, Lithuania and the Netherlands, the authorities of Finland, Estonia, Iceland, Latvia and Norway discussed the problems of strengthening the defense capability of Ukraine.