Posted 20 декабря 2022, 11:49

Published 20 декабря 2022, 11:49

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Burglar tried to steal presents from under the Christmas tree at Robert De Niro's home

20 декабря 2022, 11:49
Фото: NBC
The police arrested her at around 3:00 am. The rising turmoil woke the owner of the residence, who was sleeping upstairs.

NYPD has arrested a woman who broke into Robert De Niro's home and tried to steal gifts from under the Christmas tree, reports The Guardian.

Police patrolling Manhattan spotted 30-year-old Shanice Aviles in the area where she had been repeatedly arrested. The woman tried to open several front doors. Then the police lost sight of her, and after a while they saw the open door to the townhouse on East 65th Street.

At 2:45 a.m., police arrested Aviles while she was collecting presents from under the Christmas tree in the house and stuffing them into a bag. As it turned out, the residence belongs to De Niro, who woke up from the commotion and went downstairs.

Aviles is charged with burglary.