Posted 21 декабря 2022,, 12:18

Published 21 декабря 2022,, 12:18

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Either they will burn it, or they will hide it... Books of famous authors are confiscated from Moscow libraries

Either they will burn it, or they will hide it... Books of famous authors are confiscated from Moscow libraries

21 декабря 2022, 12:18
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Despite the fact that the Moscow authorities denied the information about the list of library books subject to seizure, "dangerous" books still disappear.

Curious news was announced in his channel "Knigizhar" by journalist and literary observer Sergey Lebedenko . According to him, at the end of last week, a list of books to be removed from the shelves and written off in connection with the adoption of a new law banning LGBT propaganda was “lowered” to Moscow libraries.

Rozanov and Limonov toss and turn in their graves

This list includes books already recognized and already deceased classics, such as Vasily Rozanov (scandalous " Moonlight People " or Eduard Limonov (masterpiece " It's me, Eddie " ), and our contemporaries, more or less famous. For example, Haruki Murakami, Stephen Fry and Oksana Vasyakina.And this is not only fiction, but even textbooks!Including Igor Kon's classic manual on sexology.

“They are rightly suggesting that the book “Wave” about fascism was included in the list. Commercials will soon begin to ban Arendt.

The source said that they also demanded to remove the book “My White” by Xenia Burzhskaya from the shelves ... ”Lebedenko writes, publishing the list. And adds:

“Do you know what is the most interesting thing? No one is going to just hide books in storage. Their issuance is blocked by the electronic system, that is, it will not be possible to officially issue them. Books are ordered to be handed over for waste paper - that is, ultimately, to be burned. The final decision (no pun intended) seems to be taken by the directors of libraries, but they will be required to provide an act on the delivery of books to waste paper in any case. The only hope is the conscience and courage of the librarians to resist covertly…”

Already in the next post, Lebedenko adds that seizures also occur in addition to the lists, such as the book by Igor Savelyev, in which the main character is gay, can no longer be booked in any of the Moscow libraries, although only a couple of weeks ago it was available in 34- X."

Drank a glass, drank two...

But even earlier, the scandalous biography of Tchaikovsky, published in the famous ZhZL series and written by Alexander Poznansky, was seized from the libraries.

And all because it tells a lot of what, according to the fighters for morality, can have a bad effect on the domestic reader. That is the truth.

Music critic Maya Krylova writes about this:

“But here's the scariest part. Poznansky writes that “a teasing song that has come down to our days:

Chizhik-pyzhik, where have you been?

I drank vodka on the Fontanka.

Drank a glass, drank two

Spinning in my head" - was composed "about drunken jurists called by their peers from other schools "chizhiks" (because of the yellow trim of their uniforms)".

And Tchaikovsky studied at the Imperial School of Law.

That is, it's time to ban both the Fontanka and the siskins. For discrediting a bright image.

Tchaikovsky did not drink. Except often. And he did not smoke, except perhaps as a steam locomotive, all his life. And I didn’t play cards, except for screw, drunkenly. And all the evidence about personal life (there is a sea of them) was invented, of course, in the despicable West, which slanders Pyotr Ilyich with the help of the local comprador intelligentsia, which you don’t feed with bread, but let them discredit everyone and everything.

Tchaikovsky was generally an anchorite by habit and dreamed of living in a hut, and not in a house in Klin. It’s just that the piano didn’t fit in the hut, so I had to ... "

Started with gays, but will get to everyone

Journalist Georgy Bovt adds: “I would like to remind you that a prohibitive policy is never final. This is a roller that rolls downhill without brakes. They will start with gays, but they will reach everyone. I said everything…”

True, political scientist Sergei Markov refutes the information about the seizure of books:

"Foreign agents! Stop lying about allegedly banned books in Moscow libraries and their alleged seizure. Better go to the library and read something not from the Internet. Then you might be wiser…”

Indeed, Timur Vakhitov , General Director of the Department of Culture of the city of Moscow "Mosrazvitie" hastened to declare that no list of books that fell under the LGBT law came to the capital's libraries:

“I don’t see the point in commenting on gossip in which neither the sender, nor the recipient, nor the author of the list is clear,” he said.

However, as you know, there is no smoke without fire. For example, Irina Mishina , a columnist for NI, wrote about the rapid process of “optimizing” the work of Moscow libraries just a week ago. And this is not the first such case.