Posted 21 декабря 2022,, 09:42

Published 21 декабря 2022,, 09:42

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The new crossover "Moskvich" was estimated at 2 million rubles

The new crossover "Moskvich" was estimated at 2 million rubles

21 декабря 2022, 09:42
Фото: Антон Новодережкин / ТАСС
The price of the new urban crossover "Moskvich 3" will start at 1.97 million rubles, according to the manufacturer.

This model was the first to come off the assembly line of the revived production of the Moskvich plant.

“The new car will be presented in five colors: white, black, red, gray and blue,” RIA Novosti quotes a statement from the company.

11 dealer centers will sell new cars in Moscow. These are Rolf Khimki, Avtomir Ozernaya, Avilon Volgogradsky Prospekt, Major Novorizhskoye Highway, Rolf Center, Avtomir Yaroslavskoye Highway, Avilon Legend TTK, Kuntsevo shopping center, Petrovsky Belaya Dacha , "Avtorus Izmailovo" and "Autopassage".

The first cars will go to the distribution network before the end of this month.

After the new year, as production volumes increase, sales will begin in million-plus cities, and then in smaller centers.

It is expected that the new "Moskvich 3" will be purchased, including for corporate needs, it will replenish taxi and car sharing fleets, which are experiencing an acute shortage of new cars after the withdrawal of Western automakers from the Russian Federation.

The production of Moskvich cars resumed at the plant in the capital after the French automaker Renault handed over the enterprise to the Moscow government in May of this year.

The mayor's office decided to return the historical name " Moskvich " to the plant and start producing four crossovers, including one electric ("Moskvich 3e"), and a sedan. By January 1, the plant will produce the first 440 machines, of which 200 will be electric.

As noted by , the new Moskvich 3 is a small crossover with narrow headlights that are now fashionable among the Chinese. Because of this, it resembles a Range Rover in front, and a Korean Kia Seltos in the back. With her, "Moskvich" is comparable in size. It is equipped with a 1.5-liter gasoline turbo engine with a capacity of 150 horsepower. The publication " Behind the wheel " indicates that the Moskvich produced in the Russian Federation is not quite a Russian car.

“In fact, this is a SKD assembly of the Chinese crossover JAC JS4 . All components are now supplied from China, but subsequently the assembly should be largely localized. And in a few years, a transition to its own model is promised at all, ”the message says.

In 2023, the plant will produce 50 thousand cars, in 2024 - 100 thousand, and in 2025 - 120 thousand. Approximately one fifth of the total will be electric cars.