Posted 22 декабря 2022, 08:15

Published 22 декабря 2022, 08:15

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Dmitry Rogozin was wounded during shelling of a hotel in Donetsk

22 декабря 2022, 08:15
Фото: The Moscow Times
The ex-head of Roskosmos, Dmitry Rogozin, who left after his resignation from the post of head of the state corporation in the Donbass, was wounded in the back during shelling of a hotel on the outskirts of Donetsk.

According to Kommersant , Rogozin was hospitalized, his injury does not pose a threat to life.

"Wounded in the back. I will live. The fragment (passed) a centimeter from the spine, ”Rogozin told reporters.

According to him, the hotel where the group of military advisers headed by him lived came under fire. According to Rogozin, the strikes were carried out by "precision-guided munitions, presumably from a 155-mm Caesar self-propelled artillery mount."

Meanwhile, the Baza Telegram channel notes that Rogozin was wounded at the Shesh-Besh Hotel in Donetsk, where he celebrated his birthday.

“According to the Base, the former head of Roskosmos received a shrapnel wound to the soft tissues of the head, a penetrating shrapnel wound to the buttocks, and a penetrating shrapnel wound to the left thigh,” the newspaper notes.

As RBC clarifies, the fragment that hit Rogozin's back cannot be removed. This is what the Donetsk doctors said.

“According to the conclusion of the doctors, a fragment of a mine that got into the spine cannot be removed. Dmitry Rogozin refuses to be evacuated to medical facilities in other regions of Russia until the condition of other wounded is stabilized, ”the newspaper notes.

The shelling of the hotel began at about 20:00 on December 21, about ten minutes after Vitaly Khotsenko, the head of the DPR government, appeared at Rogozin's party. The latter was also wounded in the back .

According to preliminary data, as a result of the shelling of the hotel, two people were killed, and five more, including Rogozin and Khotsenko, were injured. A number of media outlets report that among the victims are hotel employees and a former top manager of Roskosmos Artyom Melnikov , who led the internal audit service and was fired from the state corporation after Rogozin.

Earlier it became known that in July of this year, President Putin fired Rogozin from the post of head of Roskosmos, after which he went to the NVO zone, saying that he was “ready to complete any task that the Motherland sets.” In November, it became known that Rogozin was appointed to the post of head of the inspectorate group of military advisers in the Donbass. There he took the callsign "Kosmos" for himself, which he later changed to " Sarmat ".