Posted 22 декабря 2022,, 08:25

Published 22 декабря 2022,, 08:25

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Loading and launching… "Sarmatushki" as a "Dark night" of our days

Loading and launching… "Sarmatushki" as a "Dark night" of our days

22 декабря 2022, 08:25
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Judging by the sarcastic comments that met with the work of the deputy Maidanov on social networks, Russian citizens prefer songs from the times of the Great Patriotic War.

As Novye Izvestia has already reported, State Duma deputy, deputy chairman of the Committee on Culture Denis Maidanov has released a clip of his song "Sarmatushki" to the verses of the former head of Roscosmos Dmitry Rogozin.

Rogozin's poem was inspired by a visit to Plesetsk, where he inspected the Sarmat missile system.

Philologist Marina Ptushkina got acquainted with the joint work of the deputy and the official and delivered her verdict:

“Like this: not violet eyes or the hair of a beloved woman smelling of intoxicating grass, but a rocket.

The song turned out to be military-combat, formidable, and threatening someone, various enemies, who sharpen their teeth...

With music, a little bad luck, losing before singing almost note-for-note repeats the motive of Nikita Bogoslovsky's song "Dark barrows are sleeping ...". But the words ... According to Maidanov, "The enemies will listen and think about it".


Bogatyr with sophisticated electronics

Happy to defend my homeland.

We are carefully in the steel container

We lower our formidable Sarmat.

The complex of command devices is dormant,

A mighty charge awaits the team,

Strike the enemy new

Russian Sarmat is going.


Oh mother Russia

Sarmatushka is ready for battle!

Believe us, with the red banner baa-buu-shkaaa! (2 times, softly fading away!)

It accumulated all the power of the Yenisei,

The will is stronger than the Ural mountains.

Scattering into the dust of enemies in an instant,

He is ready to carry out the sentence.

US missile defense is not a hindrance to him,

He is not afraid of sanctions.

For Sarmat, there is only one consolation:

Disturb NATO's dreams.

Chorus (apotheosis)

From Mother Russia

Sarmatushki look into the distance

To the United Staaa-tuush-kii ... (2 times, fading).

I heard on some YouTube channel, at first I heard “Sarmatushki are flying into the distance”, I got scared, I found the text, wow, I felt relieved: they still look, they don’t fly. To the United States.

No, well, what a powerful personification, because it breathes, looks into the distance, alive as life, ready to execute the sentence; moreover, at first he scattered it into dust, and only then he is ready to execute (who passed the sentence, the author did not finish writing, it remained in the subtext). Sarmatushka is a native father.

Maydanov sings, the combined choir of the Song and Dance Ensemble "Red Star" and the Academic Choir of the Song and Dance Ensemble of the National Guard Troops join in the chorus. All at a high academic level.

The bloggers' comments are mostly ironic and sarcastic, the singer's widely outstretched arms represent, in the opinion of one of the responders, the minimum amount of Spanish shame that a listener of this military missile song will experience.

Although bloggers are hardly a reliable representation of the tastes of the deep people. These loafers hang out in social networks and let out various ridicule ...

These are our military songs now. Not “Dark Night”, “It is inaudible from birch trees, a yellow leaf flies weightlessly” and not “Enemies burned their own hut ...”; not the “Buchenwald alarm” with the call “people of the world, be three times more vigilant, take care of the world”, but a panegyric to the rocket, we load and let go...”

P. _ S. _ Novye Izvestia also drew attention to the quirks of the popularity of the song by Denis Maidanov, who explained this fact in the following way: “The reaction is predictable: the patriots are very “for”, the liberals are very “against”. The song is direct, honest, somewhere with irony and a touch of humor, but with pride for our country, science, the strength of our weapons.