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Published 23 декабря 2022,, 10:02

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The Union of Parents opposed the transformation of schools into impregnable fortresses

The Union of Parents opposed the transformation of schools into impregnable fortresses

23 декабря 2022, 10:02
The editors of Novye Izvestiya received a letter from the All-Russian Union of Parents “Together”, which touched upon an extremely topical topic for all parents of schoolchildren - a widespread ban on the presence of parents on the territory of buildings of educational institutions.

In this appeal, the chairman of the organization, Irina Zhiltsova, on behalf of the parent community, asks the authorities very uncomfortable questions:

“What do the terrorist attack in Beslan have in common with the recent tragedies involving shooters? Shocking the public, instilling fear of death, formal investigations,” say representatives of the All-Russian Union of Parents.

“As a result of the terrorist act in Beslan, 186 children died. After 18 years, a chain of similar tragedies was repeated within the walls of educational institutions. In Kazan, 9 people died and 32 were injured as a result of an explosion and shooting at a school. In Perm, as a result of shooting, 6 people were killed and 47 people were injured on the territory of the CCGT. A nanny and two kids were shot in a kindergarten in the village of Veshkayma, Ulyanovsk Region. In Izhevsk, as a result of shooting at a school, 17 people were killed and 23 more were injured.

There is an opinion that through fear, panic, unpopular laws are pushed through under the guise of caring for society.

After the tragedies in Kazan and Perm, the fencing of schools with a high fence around the perimeter and the construction of frames at the entrance of educational institutions were legally approved. The media exaggerated the proposal to introduce the National Guard in schools.

Immediately, the Ministry of Digital Development proposed a bill to turn off any type of communication for ordinary users during an emergency by decision of the authorities.

And on December 30, 2021, federal law on evacuation N 459-FZ was adopted, where children are evacuated separately from their parents when they are at school.

Are we being made hostages of the decisions of the system of officials to evacuate our children?

We, parents, are deprived of the opportunity to be responsible for their safety and destiny.

The state is now above the parents and can separate us from the children? Are we already serfs?

Initiatives have been put forward to introduce Artificial Intelligence (AI) to protect and identify potentially dangerous persons in schools, to pass to schools only by biometrics.

But, the last case in Izhevsk showed in practice that no framework, AI, National Guard saved children from another shelling at school!

That is, instead of guards, there should be armed special forces, barbed wire and towers around the perimeter?

As a result, the school will turn into a secure facility, and parents will obviously be listed as criminals and will not even be allowed on the school grounds?

After the tragedy in Izhevsk, frightened parents across the country began to massively send appeals to schools demanding armed guards in schools, building a checkpoint, collecting biometric data, barred windows, high fences!‼ And even installing “gateways” like in prison.

With our own hands, the hands of parents, they want to turn the school into a prison?

“The gateway works like this: you opened one door, went in, the door closed behind you. The second door will not open until you pass through a metal detector or other scanning device.

In addition, such a system gives the guard time to examine you and make sure that you are not an intruder.

So that you understand, if a gateway is installed like in a pre-trial detention center, hundreds of students will walk inside the building for a very long time, as well as go outside.

God forbid, if there is a fire, the children will not be able to leave the school promptly, and in the event of an evacuation, according to some report about mining, - too.

Will the safety of children be even more at risk? What is the true purpose of such protection?

For example, why introduce the Russian Guard into schools if there is no efficiency in practice?

Maybe the National Guard is needed in case of emergency, in order to ensure the evacuation of children separately from their parents and control this process?

It turns out that such "exercises" have already taken place - the evacuation in Alekseevka, Belgorod Region.

The cruel theory was tested by literally every family of schoolchildren on September 15, 2021, when both schools were evacuated in Alekseevka.

("Novye Izvestia" wrote about it )

In the first school, children were given out one at a time, the school was cordoned off by riot police. As the school was cordoned off, panic set in. The high school students on the upper floors shouted: “We are all going to die!”, while the children below just sobbed.

In another school, it was even "more interesting": children were not given to their parents. There are a thousand children in the school, and they were transported on school buses to certain streets and dropped off.

High school students began to panic that they were being taken "to the organs." The younger kids were just in shock. Parents followed this "escort", tried to pick up the children. There was a transport collapse in the city. There was also a disconnect. Parents simply could not phone each other!

It is believed that in this way a new bill was tested, which includes a possible disconnection of communications in the event of an emergency.

How many such evacuations were then in the country - is unknown.

One gets the impression that each such tragedy is more like an episode of a well-thought-out scenario, after which additional control and tightening of rights are introduced.

Is the chain of attacks by shooters in educational institutions over the past 1.5 years leading us into a digital trap?

Maxim Gulin, First Deputy Head of the State Duma Committee on Education in September 2022, spoke about the idea of a bill to introduce AI technologies to protect schools:

Similar systems already exist and work successfully in projects such as Smart Home: “Cameras detect a person who has a weapon or who behaves uncharacteristically and at the same time moves towards the school. The system detects this person, the doors are blocked, the security notification is sent to the console. The system sends a request to the police, and a response team leaves.”

The idea is not new and is taken from American practice.

A security system called Avigilon based on AI was implemented by dozens of US schools in 2020.

She is able to track every action of the student both during the lessons and at breaks. AI operates a database that keeps track of the movements of all students and teachers. In addition, the system automatically determines those people who should not be at school.

There are many questions about such a system. It tracks 100% of students 100% of the time they are at school, despite the fact that according to statistics there are only a few potentially dangerous in the whole country. It's like injecting 100% of the population with a vaccine against a virus, while less than 1% are sick.

There is an opinion that the purpose of introducing AI technologies for security is not to protect society from criminals, but to monitor everyone like a criminal.

Such situations do not add any security to us, but serve to introduce total AI surveillance, justify the huge spending of budget funds on the development of repressive technologies.

It is planned to allocate to the federal project "Artificial Intelligence": in 2022 - 6.406 billion rubles, in 2023 - 5.838 billion rubles, in 2024 - 5.840 billion rubles.

Has it already been decided for us that AI is more important for us than the quality of education, roads and utility systems of cities, which are only cut costs?

Would you like AI to control your life and the lives of your children?

The entrance of parents to the school building has been restricted for a long time, and after the latest tragedy, parents are now forced to stand behind the fence.

In Tatarstan, a checkpoint (checkpoint) is already being built at full speed for access to schools.

Plus biometrics, video cameras with a neural network.

Our children have to get used to prison conditions?

There are increasing cases when guards frighten parents by calling the National Guard or the police for a legal demand to go to school.

If an injury occurs to a child or a sick child needs to be picked up from school, parents are not allowed to pass!

All these techniques are not new and are described, for example, in the book "The German Mother and Her First Child".

This allowance determined the upbringing of children in the Third Reich.

The author advised raising children avoiding human feelings at all costs: “The child must be fed, washed and dried; the rest of the time, keep him alone", "It is best if the child has his own room, where he can be left alone." If the baby starts crying, ignore him.

Has anyone thought about how such conditions of upbringing and education will affect the psyche of children?

Children will grow up as obedient prisoners under surveillance cameras, metal detectors, behind iron doors and bars on the windows?

Moreover, initiatives can go further and be extremely dangerous!

In schools in Saransk, Gelendzhik, Yakutia, anti-terror drills were held, where riot policemen fired blanks at children, broke down doors, and fired over the heads of teachers!

Parents and children were not warned about such exercises, children were not told how to behave.

The teachers then asked the parents to reassure their children so that they would not be afraid.

Isn't it scary when unknown people in masks point their weapons at you, pull the trigger and shoot, even with blanks?!

According to human rights activists and the majority of parents of schoolchildren, there is no high-quality investigation of tragedies in schools, all versions are reduced to loners with mental disabilities.

We consider the increased cases of terrorist attacks in schools to be systemic sabotage by certain forces and demand that a deep, real check be made on the causes of such attacks.

It is known that there are sites on the Internet that encourage children to commit suicide.

It is logical to think that there is a system of brainwashing teenagers to commit such attacks. This is what the secret services need to do!

And instead of fulfilling their direct duties, they tighten control over students and deprive parents of the right to control the life of their child.

There are no investigations and calls about mining, which were received throughout 2021 in many schools in the country.

When asked by the Council of Parents how the investigations are going, the Ministry of Internal Affairs responds that all cases are taken under special control, however, there is still no result and calls about mining continue.

And this despite the fact that law enforcement agencies have been given enormous powers to control cellular communications and any personal correspondence of the entire population of the country.

According to the public, the whole point is not at all about protection, but about the desire to separate children and parents, and the introduction of biometrics.

It is necessary to educate normal, adequate citizens, introduce censorship of violence in films and computer games, restrict children's access to social networks, and not lure them there using various digital platforms.

We demand to return parents to schools!

Before the virus restrictions, when parents could freely attend schools, there were no tragedies with arrows!

Parents will never harm their children, prohibiting parents from entering the school is contrary to the law on education, is a violation of the constitutional rights of children and parents.

Many facts show that only parents need our children to be happy and healthy.

Does the system need controlled clogged gray mass? We must not agree with this and remain silent.