Posted 26 декабря 2022, 14:40

Published 26 декабря 2022, 14:40

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Updated 27 декабря 2022, 01:46

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The FSB came to the Federal Air Transport Agency with searches

26 декабря 2022, 14:40
FSB officers came to search the central office of the Federal Air Transport Agency on Leningradsky Prospekt in Moscow.

According to Izvestia, searches are carried out in the offices of three officials at once.

The publication names the head of the Department for Digital Transformation and Security Tatiana Kocherova, the head of the Department of Legal Support and Property Relations Anna Pasko and the head of the Department of Financial Support, Budget Planning and Reporting Elena Kudlaeva.

According to RBC, the investigative actions, in which about a dozen employees of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and the FSB took part, are being conducted as part of a new criminal case on the fact of embezzlement of undeveloped budget funds. The stolen money was intended as subsidies to the regions for domestic passenger transportation.

Since February of this year, the volume of traffic in the country has fallen: in a number of regions, for security reasons, there is a ban on flights after the start of a military operation on the territory of Ukraine.