Posted 26 декабря 2022, 07:37

Published 26 декабря 2022, 07:37

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Updated 26 декабря 2022, 08:46

The organizer of the shelter in Kemerovo, where 22 people died in a fire, pleaded guilty

26 декабря 2022, 07:37
The organizer of the shelter in Kemerovo, Andrei Smirnov, who was charged under the article on the provision of services that do not meet the requirements of the safety of life or health of consumers, which negligently caused the death of two or more people, pleaded guilty.

Investigators are currently petitioning for his arrest. Smirnov was detained on 24 December. On the same day, a fire broke out in the nursing home he organized, killing 22 people.

As part of the case, fire inspector Roman Plet was also detained. According to TASS, he was charged with negligence. The measure of restraint will be chosen in court.