Posted 27 декабря 2022, 12:17

Published 27 декабря 2022, 12:17

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In Dolgoprudny, a pensioner was dragged out of the bus for criticizing the equipment of the army (VIDEO)

27 декабря 2022, 12:17
A bus passenger in Dolgoprudny sharply criticized the Russian army, noting the poor equipment. She said that "everything has been stolen, this is such an empire." The pensioner also compared Russian tanks with stools. For this, one of the passengers dragged her out of the bus at the nearest stop.
Russian Army

"In Dolgoprudny, a pensioner was dragged out of the bus by force for comparing Russian tanks with stools. The man who was in the cabin pulled the woman from her seat and dragged her out onto the street on the floor,"reports "Rise".

The police became interested in the situation. In the Moscow central office of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, the publication was told that they had watched the video and were studying the available information.