Posted 27 декабря 2022, 04:34

Published 27 декабря 2022, 04:34

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In Ukraine, about 9 million people remain without electricity

27 декабря 2022, 04:34
Ukrainian leader Vladimir Zelensky said that on the evening of December 26, almost 1/4 of the population of the republic - 9 million people - remained without electricity.

"As of tonight, about 9 million people are disconnected in different regions of Ukraine. But the number and duration of outages is still gradually decreasing. Thanks to everyone and everyone who provided this result", - Zelensky said. Meanwhile, fire was opened at a protest against the blackout in Kiev.

In the Ukrainian capital, a demonstration was held on Avtozavodskaya Street - residents of the Berezhansky residential complex protested, whose electricity began to be turned off due to the debts of the developer to the DTEK energy company. Local media reported that the police came to the demonstrators and detained the shooters. The reasons for the shooting are not called. The day before, DTEK announced that, together with Hitachi Energy Ukraine and Hitachi Energy Poland, it delivered 52 transformers to Ukraine to replace damaged equipment and restore power supply in Ukraine.

On the same day Kazakhstan delivered Kiev has 41 generators designed to supply hospitals with electricity.