Posted 27 декабря 2022, 14:15

Published 27 декабря 2022, 14:15

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The government will check where the funds allocated for the SMO flow to

27 декабря 2022, 14:15
The Government will check whether the funds allocated for the repair and production of military equipment for the special operation are being spent in a targeted manner. This was announced by the Prime Minister of the country Mikhail Mishustin.
Russian Army

The inspection will also affect the purchase of fuels and lubricants for this equipment, the head of government said.

"A significant issue is the control over the use of budget funds allocated for a special military operation. The government has planned inspections of those resources that were intended for the repair and production of weapons, military and special equipment, the purchase of fuels and lubricants", - Mikhail Mishustin said.

He added that in the future, the government also plans to check the spending of funds in other areas.

The Prime Minister of the country noted that there is a significant increase in production for a number of military goods. Supplies of military equipment, personal armor protection equipment and all-season clothing sets have been established. In addition, the regional authorities, at the expense of regional budgets, supplied the Russian military with drones, night vision devices, sights, optical and laser guidance systems, camping equipment, medicines and building materials.