Posted 28 декабря 2022,, 14:39

Published 28 декабря 2022,, 14:39

Modified 28 декабря 2022,, 15:00

Updated 28 декабря 2022,, 15:00

Marketplaces have removed toxic Huggy Wuggy toys from sale

Marketplaces have removed toxic Huggy Wuggy toys from sale

28 декабря 2022, 14:39
Earlier, Roskachestvo experts found out that 89% of the soft-stuffed toys sold by Huggy Waggy are not safe for children. In these toys, an excess of the phenol content was detected, which can cause allergies and skin irritation in children.

After the study, Roskachestvo sent out notifications to manufacturers and sellers of these toys about their insecurity. The toys were withdrawn from sale.

"Almost all major participants in the online retail market (Ozon, Yandex.Market, Wildberries, SberMegaMarket) immediately took action: they removed cards with unsafe goods", - the department said.

The Detsky Mir retail chain has requested the results of repeated tests from toy manufacturers. Without confirmation of the correction of violations, these toys will not be sold in the store.

These toys have also been withdrawn from sale in the "Abc of Childhood" and Elmers-mama.

It's worth reminding that sales of these toys increased by almost 9,000,000% over the year. The survey showed that 22% of children have this toy. For this reason, the agency decided to check their quality and safety. The inspection showed that none of the Huggy Wuggy toys did not comply with the norms of Russian legislation. 67% of the toys did not have certificates of conformity.