Posted 28 декабря 2022,, 11:43

Published 28 декабря 2022,, 11:43

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The Turks are no longer happy with us: Russians are denied a tourist residence permit of this country

The Turks are no longer happy with us: Russians are denied a tourist residence permit of this country

28 декабря 2022, 11:43
The mass immigration of Russian citizens to Turkey resulted in an increase in real estate prices, and, as a result, a refusal to grant a residence permit

Unpleasant news for Russian emigrants came from Turkey, where Russian citizens stopped issuing a tourist residence permit, which entitles them to a six-month visa-free stay in this country, Vpost reports with reference to social networks. The reason is simple: not so long ago, a massive campaign against migrants began in Turkish chat rooms, because real estate prices and apartment rentals have increased significantly due to their influx. It is interesting at the same time that these bans did not affect the citizens of Ukraine, although there are also a lot of them in Turkey.

Here is what the author of the channel "While I was away" writes from the scene, from the Turkish city of Mersin:

"Since today, Russians in Mersin have been massively denied a residence permit. They say the official reason is that there is not enough document - an apostilled certificate of remote work and salary from the employer. Just a certificate of the status of the accounts or the regular receipt of funds on the account is not suitable. And what is really missing there - God knows. (...) Previously, in case of missing documents, you were given 30 days to deliver them, and now they just immediately began to put a refusal. The situation is similar in Izmir. Friends were also refused! "The translator from the Migration Service said right away that they received an order: Russian tourist residence permits should not be given or extended. Only Ukrainians..."It is no secret that many Russians who fled their homeland after the start of the special operation and – even faster – after the announcement of partial mobilization, chose Turkey, because it is quite simple to get a tourist residence permit there: you only need proof of legal income and a notarized rental agreement for at least six months".

So far, the only legal loophole remains for them – the purchase of real estate, however, it may close very soon for the same reason. Experts believe that refusals of Turkish residence permits will affect not only Russians, but also all other foreigners.