Posted 29 декабря 2022,, 10:20

Published 29 декабря 2022,, 10:20

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Updated 29 декабря 2022,, 11:23

Half of the passengers from China arrived in Milan with coronavirus

Half of the passengers from China arrived in Milan with coronavirus

29 декабря 2022, 10:20
Coronavirus was detected in more than half of the passengers of two flights arriving in Milan from China. The Italian authorities have introduced mandatory testing for coronavirus of passengers arriving from China, as there is an increase in the incidence in this country.

Since the beginning of December, more than 250 million people have been infected with coronavirus in the country. An increase in the number of cases is observed after the abolition of coronavirus restrictions.

According to Guido Bertolaso, Lombardy's regional adviser on social security, 35 out of 92 passengers (38%) tested positive for coronavirus on the first flight from China, and 62 out of 120 passengers (52%) on the second. His words are quoted by Sky News.

Recall that since January 8, China has been opening its borders to tourists. Visitors to the country no longer need to take a PCR test on arrival, as well as observe mandatory quarantine. The requirement to take a coronavirus test 48 hours before departure remains. Coronavirus restrictions on flights to other countries for Chinese residents are also being lifted.

After the Chinese authorities lifted the coronavirus restrictions, tour operators recorded an eight-fold increase in demand from Chinese travelers for booking flights to other countries. The main destinations are Japan, Thailand, South Korea, the USA, the UK and Australia. At the same time, five countries have already imposed restrictions on Chinese travelers, fearing the spread of the coronavirus. Japan, India and Taiwan have introduced mandatory coronavirus testing for Chinese tourists. You will also have to take the COVID-19 test to visit the United States. The requirement applies to all passengers older than two years.