Posted 29 декабря 2022, 09:50

Published 29 декабря 2022, 09:50

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In Engels, for the third time since the beginning of December, the air defense system responded

29 декабря 2022, 09:50
In Engels, the air defense system worked again after an "unidentified object" was spotted in the air. This was announced by the governor of the Saratov region Roman Busargin.

"Operational services have been sent to the site. There is no threat to the safety of residents," the governor wrote.

He noted that the information spread on the network allegedly about the need to evacuate from Engels is unreliable. The governor urged residents to remain calm.

Earlier, local residents reported explosions near the airfield. Air raid sirens are heard in the city, writes Mash.

This is not the first time that the Russian air defense system in Engels has been triggered. On the eve of December 26, the air defense system shot down a Ukrainian drone at low altitude, which was flying up to the military airfield "Engels". When the wreckage of the downed drone fell, three servicemen were killed.

Before that, in early December, the Ministry of Defense reported an attack on the Saratov airfield by Ukrainian drones, as well as the Diaghilev airfield in the Ryazan region. Then three servicemen were also killed.