Posted 29 декабря 2022, 14:50

Published 29 декабря 2022, 14:50

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Peruvian shamans predict the end of the conflict in Ukraine in August 2023

29 декабря 2022, 14:50
Shamans in Peru predicted that the conflict in Ukraine will end by August next year. By that time, the countries will have signed a peace agreement.

This is reported by Reuters.

"All this will calm down. There will be peace, tranquility. This is what we saw", - said shaman Cleof Sedano. Peruvian shamans hold a New Year's Eve ritual every year on San Cristobal Hill in the Peruvian capital of Lima.


In addition to the end of the conflict in Ukraine, Peruvian shamans also predicted many climatic events that will occur next year. In particular, a strong earthquake is expected. It will happen in the northern part of America, possibly in the USA.