Posted 29 декабря 2022,, 09:26

Published 29 декабря 2022,, 09:26

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Whose Crimea is? Russians living in Latvia are ordered to fill out "loyalty questionnaires"

Whose Crimea is? Russians living in Latvia are ordered to fill out "loyalty questionnaires"

29 декабря 2022, 09:26
Under the threat of being deprived of the status of a Permanent residence permit, Russian citizens in Latvia must give "correct" answers to the questionnaire questions.

Russian citizens living in Latvia began to receive questionnaires to confirm the status of permanent residence (permanent residence permit), the Russian-language Latvian channel "Sprats in exile. News of Latvia". In fact, this is a real test of loyalty, and not only to Latvia, but also to Ukraine, although a month ago, according to journalists, the country's authorities promised that it would be enough for Russian citizens to confirm their knowledge of the Latvian language.

The channel reports that incorrect answers to the questionnaire questions threaten to deprive the status of a residence permit and even deportation from Latvia. For example, Russians are obliged to agree that Crimea was illegally annexed in 2014, and in addition, to recognize the fact of Russian aggression against Ukraine and condemn it. It should also be confirmed that the respondent did not provide material assistance to Russian servicemen, but helped Ukrainian refugees. Well, the cherry on the cake is to approve the demolition of Soviet monuments in Latvia.

This questionnaire caused a strong reaction in the Network. Moreover, her words of approval were much less than her condemnation. Only a few have left such comments:

- Such people are really a problem for the country. Why did you come to live in a country whose fundamental values you do not share?- At a critical time, it is correct to dump ballast.

And here's how the majority reacted:

- Where is the guarantee that they will write the truth? People are not idiots and not everyone is sincere, to put it mildly. The conformist will write "whatever you want," and the nonconformists will go home.- This is an idiotic idea.

First, the presumption of guilt is on Russians, then on non-citizens, then on Russian-speakers, and then you can start on your own. The law should be for everyone. Otherwise, it's very easy to play too much- Will the Latvians living in Latvia also be interviewed?

Among them, too, there are those who support Putin. So what about them? Will they be expelled from the country or not? Or can they, because they have citizenship? I had a friend, an Estonian citizen. It is a citizen, not a residence permit. And she loved Putin from the bottom of her heart, supported and praised him. And her whole family is like this: both her parents and her husband. And they are all citizens of Estonia. Well, that's so, by the way. It's completely different, isn't it?- There was some Scandinavian novel, where the government sent out a loyalty questionnaire to citizens and an envelope with a stamp was attached to it, it was necessary to fill out the questionnaire, seal the envelope and send a letter.

And the composition of the glue included poison and those who, while sealing the envelope, licked it with their tongue, he poisoned himself. Only those who did not send the letter and those who did not lick were not poisoned.However, there were many who considered this message a provocation of the Russian special services, which is also logical in its own way.

It is curious that Turkey, where tens of thousands of Russian citizens have immigrated in recent months, has also begun to obstruct their legalization in their country.

At the same time, the Latvian authorities decided to keep visas for employees of the opposition Russian channel "Rain"*, recently deprived of a license, so that they can continue to work in this country. Recall that "Rain"* he was deprived of his broadcasting license in Latvia at the very beginning of December 2022 after a scandal broke out around his journalists who "took pity" on Russian conscripts, calling them "our boys". Now this channel intends to get a license in another country. In the meantime, the company's employees continue to create content on social networks and digital channels. A total of 13 working visas were issued to the TV channel.

The media also report that the Dozhd TV channel* and Novaya Gazeta — Europa*, which is also based in Latvia, have begun actively looking for new editors-in-chief.

*Entered in the register of foreign agents