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Published 30 декабря 2022,, 08:55

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Aerosmith leader Steven Tyler accused of sexual assault

Aerosmith leader Steven Tyler accused of sexual assault

30 декабря 2022, 08:55
Vocalist and leader of the hard rock band Aerosmith Steven Tyler (pictured) was accused of sexually assaulting a minor and beating her, as well as intentionally causing emotional stress. We are talking about an incident half a century ago.

According to Page Six, Julia Holcomb filed a lawsuit against the musician. At the time of the connection with Tyler, she was 16 years old, the artist was 25 years old. The statement says Holcomb met Tyler in 1973 at an Aerosmith concert in Portland, where she lived. After the performance, Tyler took her to his hotel room, where he abused her. Holcomb stated that she warned the musician about her age, but this did not stop the musician. The plaintiff clarified that after a while the rocker took her to his next performance in Seattle. After the concert, he allegedly raped the fan again, brought her back home the next day. She also claims that Tyler convinced her mother to let him become the legal guardian of a minor in order to take care of her future and provide her with an education. But the rocker "did not fulfill these promises, instead continued to travel with her, rape her and supply her with alcohol and drugs."

The statement of claim states that Holcomb became pregnant by the musician in 1975, and he insisted that the girl had an abortion, according to her. She fulfilled the requirement and returned to Portland. In his memoirs, Tyler wrote that in his youth he "almost married a teenage girl."

According to him, the girl's parents approved of the affair and even offered him temporary custody of his daughter so that the performer would not be accused of pedophilia.

These are not Holcomb's first accusations against the Aerosmith frontman. She claimed sexual abuse by the musician during the March for Life in 2012.