Posted 30 декабря 2022, 07:38

Published 30 декабря 2022, 07:38

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Updated 30 декабря 2022, 11:30

Joe Biden Signs $1.7 Trillion Budget Bill which includes the Help for Kiev

30 декабря 2022, 07:38
American leader Joe Biden signed the law on the budget of the United States for 2023 in the amount of $ 1.66 trillion, $ 47 billion of which will go to help Ukraine.

This year, the United States transferred only $65 billion to the Kiev regime, Bloomberg clarifies. Biden is currently in the U.S. Virgin Islands, a group of islands in the Caribbean Sea near Puerto Rico.

The law was delivered to the President for signature on a regular commercial flight.

The budget includes military spending, measures to support students with disabilities, additional funding to protect workers' rights, as well as affordable housing programs for families, veterans and those fleeing domestic violence, Reuters said. The budget will also be spent on medical research, security, veterans' healthcare, recovery after natural disasters and on measures in accordance with the law on countering violence against women.

68 members of the US Senate supported the bill, 29 parliamentarians opposed it.

Among those who voted were 18 Republicans (there are 50 of them in the Senate). In the House of Representatives, the vote was held almost in accordance with party lines: 225 for, 201 against.