Posted 30 декабря 2022,, 10:28

Published 30 декабря 2022,, 10:28

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Solovyov, Malakhov and... 5 foreign agents are included into the list of the "most influential" Russians

Solovyov, Malakhov and... 5 foreign agents are included into the list of the "most influential" Russians

30 декабря 2022, 10:28
Propagandist Vladimir Solovyov has once again become the "leader of public opinion" among Russians, experts of the Romir research holding say, summing up the results of the next quarterly study "Rating of influencers – Winter 2022".

Ivan Zubov

In winter, TV presenter Andrey Malakhov rose to second place in this rating, and another TV propagandist, and in the past film director Nikita Mikhalkov, took the third step.


In addition to them, the top ten "most influential" people in the country included actor Konstantin Khabensky, TV presenter Dmitry Nagiyev, showman Pavel Volya, TV propagandist Olga Skabeyeva, TV presenter Leonid Yakubovich, journalist Ksenia Sobchak and blogger Yuri Dud (recognized as a foreign agent in the Russian Federation).

Interestingly, in the spring ranking, Dud took second place, and then abruptly lost ground, which, apparently, is due to the censorship obstacles that the government places on any opposition opinion. The same, by the way, also applies to Sobchak, who is much more loyal to the Russian regime, who in the spring generally topped the list of the most influential people in Russia, and now is trailing at the end of the top ten. The presence of such persons as hockey player Ovechkin, "moralist" Shukshina or "Christian" Okhlobystin in this list is striking. In total, there are 5 foreign agents among the 50 names, that is, 10%, which fully corresponds to the eternal Russian ratio of loyal and disloyal citizens.

Romir President, Doctor of Sociology Andrey Milekhin explained why there are so many TV presenters, bloggers and journalists on the list of influencers: "This correlates with people's interest in the news agenda both on TV and on the Internet. Now it is important that the resource that opinion leaders possess does not provoke even more chaos, but contributes to the consolidation of society".

See the full list of the "Influencer Rating – Winter 2022" here.