Posted 30 декабря 2022,, 07:15

Published 30 декабря 2022,, 07:15

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Updated 30 декабря 2022,, 08:30

United Russia members were ordered to create a New Year's mood on the ground "without unnecessary politicization"

United Russia members were ordered to create a New Year's mood on the ground "without unnecessary politicization"

30 декабря 2022, 07:15
State Duma deputies from United Russia received traditional manuals with party recommendations on how they should work with voters during the regional week (from December 26 to December 31) and the New Year holidays.

As Kommersant notes with reference to the data of party installations, United Russia is instructed to focus on creating a festive atmosphere for participants in a special military operation (SVO) and their family members, as well as for people evacuated from new regions.

It is indicated that New Year's events should not be turned into a political action. Deputies are also recommended to help people who find themselves in a difficult situation.

United Russia deputies are recommended to focus on making New Year's cards and writing letters to the participants of the SVO, as well as to appear more often at holidays for children of veterans and evacuated from new regions of children's institutions. Deputies are told to pay special attention to sports events demonstrating the desire for a healthy lifestyle. United Russians, regardless of their rank, are strongly recommended to advertise New Year's sports holidays in social networks and participate in them themselves. Ideally, celebrations should take place at facilities renovated with the participation of the party.

To report to the leadership, United Russia officials in social networks should mark their New Year's posts with hashtags such as #Ernasport or #Sportsfest.

When visiting these holidays, United Russia deputies are instructed to refrain from "aggressive" party symbols in order not to turn children's Christmas trees into an attribute of political agitation. Only packaging with a polar bear, the symbol of United Russia, is allowed.

In addition, United Russia is recommended to continue collecting humanitarian supplies for the front: to purchase "drones, equipment, household items necessary in the zone of its own." It is recommended to explain the need for additional spending for these purposes to voters using the old slogan.

"As in the years of the Great Patriotic War, the slogan "Everything for the front, everything for victory" becomes relevant," the recommendations say.

Many deputies have already begun to implement the recommendations of the party. So, on December 28-29, the headlines of publications on the website of the Kostroma Regional Duma look like this: "Wishes are fulfilled", "New Year greetings to veterans", "Congratulations to a veteran". However, judging by the photo gallery, not everyone follows the advice from the training manual: many deputies continue to make their portraits with gifts against the background of party banners.

Earlier it was reported that according to the results of surveys, half of Russians this year, against the background of events taking place in the country, completely lack a New Year's mood. In order not to upset relatives and friends, 10% of the country's citizens are forced to simulate "New Year's joy".