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Lost Carlson: On January 1, a performance with Ivan Urgant disappeared from the Network (video)

Lost Carlson: On January 1, a performance with Ivan Urgant disappeared from the Network (video)

1 января 2023, 11:01
On this night, the online cinema Kion took off the air the New Year's TV show "An incident in the country of Multi-Pulti" with the participation of Ivan Urgant.

On the eve of the New Year, Russian viewers were pleased with the announcement that Ivan Urgant made in his blog, announcing that the TV play "An Incident in the country of Multi-Pulti", where he plays Carlson, will be available to watch in the online cinema KION on December 31:

"The hero has very difficult life circumstances. You see, on the one hand, having soared to a great height, he can be said to descend literally to the ground due to circumstances. And people say there: he flew away, promised to return. Where did I fly to? Maybe I didn't leave at all, why should I report whether I left or not, when I come back, I won't come back. I mean, not me, but my character, it's weird."

In addition to Urgant, Danila Kozlovsky, Sergey Burunov, Alexander Petrov, Evgeny Tsyganov, Alexey Serebryakov, Ksenia Rappoport and Alexander Gudkov also played in the TV show (the comedian recently released the scandalous clip "I am Narrow", which angered patriots, so it is possible that the true reason for everything described below is participation in Gudkov's performance, and not Urgant).

However, almost immediately after that, it became clear that the play had been withdrawn from the show.

"The fairy tale was really taken off the air. Whether it will be available, I do not know. I don't know why the project was removed. I rate these actions at four with a minus", - Urgant told RBC.

TV critic Arina Borodina, for her part, who drew attention to the fact that the name of Urgant appeared in the description of the performance only the night before its release:

"Even December 31 was not without censorship in entertainment projects. KION has removed from the platform a widely advertised New Year's project - a musical fairy tale "Adventures in the land of Multi - Pulti". There are no official comments and no reasons for withdrawal. But it's understandable. At night, the project has a new "poster", where the role of Carlson (!) is played by Ivan Urgant. And even the trailer appeared in the style of "Evening Urgant". I hung it up this morning. Before that, Urgant was not declared anywhere. This is his first appearance in a major film project after February 24. Nothing helped. Neither the fact that the whole of Moscow is hung with KION advertisements with announcements of "Multi - Pulti ...", nor the fact that the most popular artists play in this popular musical fairy tale (!!): Tsyganov, Kozlovsky, Serebryakov, Burunov, Petrov, Tribuntsev, Rappoport, Isakova… Neither the invested budget. Nothing..."

Now, if you follow the link to the TV performance page on the Kion website, then "error 404" will appear there. But the cache contains the latest version of this page, saved at 14 o'clock on December 31, on which the poster is published, where Urgant is in the very center among other actors.

This event shocked the Russian public. Journalist Igor Shulika wrote early in the morning:

"In general, of course, just a fierce kringe. A huge budget for filming and promo and now no one will see it. Although in the USSR, they were also filmed in the table."

Journalist Alexey Belyakov even published a short review of this performance and advised all his readers to watch it, fortunately that it can be found on the Web:

"To put together such an "olivier" is wow. Urgant, Tribuntsev, Tsyganov, Kozlovsky, Serebryakov, Burunov, Petrov. Ksenia Rappoport and Victoria Isakova.

All this was done by KION – for the New Year.

There was such a Soviet record – "An incident in the country of Multi-Pulti". Evil was personified there by Shapoklyak, Wolf, Coward, Idiot and Seasoned. And good – Carlson, Cheburashka, Bremen Town musicians.

The plot is simple, like a matinee.

KION decided to film it, after 40 years. But how – to make a real children's TV show. To resurrect a forgotten genre, right in the style of those years. Simple scenery, ridiculous costumes, ancient special effects.

I'm not sure that today's children will appreciate it. But adults for sure.

The most important thing is that this whole crowd of stars is sincerely, heartily getting high. Dancing and singing. They love this good cabbage patch. You can just see how enthusiastically they play cheburashkas and stooges. (I'm not intentionally saying who's who, see for yourself.)

But this is a fairy tale. Now they were a little unpleasant.

Some "forces of evil" were dissatisfied with the event – apparently, primarily because of the undesirable Urgant. And they demanded that KION remove the fairy tale. What they had to do.

No, it's not a New Year's joke, it's true. And I would put it obscenely, but there are children here.

Fortunately, Garik Kharlamov immediately posted the performance on his channel, thanks to him. Look, until the forces of evil demanded that he be removed from it..."