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On January 1, two temperature records were broken in St. Petersburg

1 января 2023, 14:33
St. Petersburg met the year 2023 with abnormal heat, the head of the city Hydrometeorological Center Alexander Kolesov said on January 1.

According to Interfax, the warmest New Year's Eve in the history of St. Petersburg observations was recorded: plus 3.4 degrees. The previous positive maximum was recorded in 1937 and was plus 2.9 degrees.

Also, January 1 became the warmest day: by five o'clock in the morning, the air warmed up to plus 4.8 degrees, previously the maximum figure was reached in 2017: plus 4.5 degrees.

Currently, abnormal heat is observed in the rest of Europe. In France, on December 31, the thermometer rose to plus 18 degrees Celsius, in the southern regions - up to 20, and in the southwest - up to 23.

In the western regions of Germany, forecasters predict up to plus 20 degrees. Warming is also expected in Britain.