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"Guys, let me rest..." Singer Gazmanov did not want to talk about SMO during his vacation in Dubai

2 января 2023, 11:49
Judging by the storm of indignant comments in TG and social networks, the patriotic public today "lost" one of its main singers, the most famous "ataman" Oleg Gazmanov. An employee of show business, speaking at a corporate party in Dubai, refused to publicly show his attitude to his work in Ukraine.

Sergey Lvov

We believe that the video of this embarrassment is not difficult to find in TG. Because of the presence of the mat, we as the media have no right to show a scene in which, to direct questions from two obviously non-Russian guys (most likely they are from one of the CIS countries), Gazmanov in a pitiful manner, approaching the opponent's ear, mumbled: "Guys, let me rest."


Oh, how! 

But what about the thunderous escapades of the song patriot, which were heard in Luzhniki, on Red Square, on Russian TV and radio? 

Where did the steely gleam in his eyes disappear? Confident tread of the winner of the foes?..

But it wasn't on the beach of the UAE that the foes caught Gazmanov. On stage, during his main job, when he sang a famous song about girls. It would be just right to remind the evil-minded that they attacked the wrong one, that you can't scare real Russians and you won't bend them..


And what Oleg Mikhailovich was afraid of is not clear.Since October 6, 2022, the 71-year-old People's Artist of the Russian Federation has been under sanctions from all countries of the European Union for supporting the Russian military operation against Ukraine. 

However, this support, although it cost the artist dearly, still failed. 

However, the heroes of our show business are not used to such hardships. Some time ago, the king of all Russian pop, Philip Kirkorov, found himself in a similar situation. But it is worth noting that his "nuclear" audience is not as patriotic as the author of "Ataman" and the unofficial anthem of Moscow.